Why Freewill

Great haircare shouldn't be a luxury.

Freewill is a beauty company focused on making personalized beauty products - that’s proven to work & easily accessible to everyone.

For decades, beauty companies have been selling sub-standard products using marketing gimmicks. They create product and ask you to pick between 3 options Dry, Normal and Oily hair. That’s it! They think universe is made of just 3 kind of people. However, the fact is we all are unique, and have different hair type, lifestyle, goals, preferences, and even live in different environmental conditions.

At Freewill, we do the opposite and ask you for your unique profile, your lifestyle, where you live and what your hair goals are, and then we create a product in our lab. Each product is individually formulated and made just for you!

Reasons to buy from Freewill:

1. You are Unique and so is YOUR product: Our team of hair experts, formulators and data scientists have created an algorithm that analyse your response, and pick ingredients from curated list and then from potential billion combinations, select a unique formula that’s most relevant for you.

2. It’s YOUR way or highway: No one knows you better than yourself. That’s why we don’t tell you what you need, you tell us what you want and we make it your way. You choose your hair goals (volume, smoothening, strengthening… whatever you want), your color and even what name you want on your bottle.

3. Formulated in USA, Made with love in India: It can’t get better than this, our scientists are based our of USA and analyse ingredients from all globals companies. So you get nothing but the BEST.
The team in India, make each product in-house at our state-of-art manufacturing unit so that you can get high quality #MakeInIndia products

4. Natural and high impact ingredients, nothing more, nothing less: With our years of experience, efforts and burning midnight oil in testing and refining, we’ve shortlisted a portfolio of HIGH IMPACT ingredients. We use natural (or naturally derived ingredients) from around the world, and our formulations avoid harmful or controversial chemicals such as sulfates (including SLS & SLES), parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs, & many more

5. Intelligent Beauty: Artificial Intelligence is the future of beauty and with the help of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities seem infinite. Our system analyse the response and create a product that has the power to solve your hair problems and fulfil all your hair goals. We take pride in calling ourself the smartest & most intelligent beauty company in India

6. 100% Satisfaction, else claim your full REFUND: When you buy a product from Freewill, you not just use a product but also become part of or family. We thrive to offer complete satisfaction to all our consumers and if for some reasons you are not happy with the product, you get your full REFUND and no one will ask you any question, not even one