Our Story

Most beauty brands aren’t selling products tailored to individual consumers. Instead, they’re selling a brand, a luxury, a lifestyle or some product that will magically work on every hair type and solve every hair problem.

The fact is, we are all unique and that’s why certain products don’t work for certain people. We’ve different hair types, have different goals for what we want to achieve and also live in different environmental conditions.

 Freewill was born with the philosophy that if each individual is unique, their product should also be created uniquely. We ask users about their hair profile, lifestyle and hair goals, and then we individually formulate and make unique products just for YOU!

Artificial Intelligence is the future of beauty and with the help of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities seem infinite. Our system analyse the response and create a product that has the power to solve your hair problems and fulfil all your hair goals. We take pride in calling ourself the smartest & most intelligent beauty company in India.