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Your hair analysis results are based on your answers. This is a high level overview. Our formulators take this as a starting point, hand pick each ingredient & make a perfect blend for your hair needs.

About you & your hair


Nice to meet you

years old. Taking care of your hair is a form of self-love

Let’s start here. Your hair is beautiful

Hair texture describes the circumference of your hair. Each hair texture type has its own traits and influences the care or treatment it may need

A healthy scalp = Healthy head of hair

Dandruff isn't about your hair, it's about the skin on your scalp

It’s normal to lose about 50-100 strands of hair every day. Don’t panic!

Your hair & scalp health chart

Lifestyle & external factors

Your external hair color status

Your usage of styling appliances

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Your hair goals

Through these goals, you will achieve perfect hair