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Tired of Mixing Different Oils
at Home to Create


Tell us about your hair problems and leave the mixing of different natural ingredients to the experts.

Our Experts know What and How Much to Mix.

Freewill uses over 122 data points about your hair to create a mixture of 100% natural oils that meet with your hair nourishment needs.

Our Personalised Hair Oil is launching soon!

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Made Just For


Tell us about your Hair type, length, thickness, volume, Hair Goals etc. And we make an oil formula that is Made Just For YOU.

And yeah! Your Name, cause your bottle comes with your name on it. Now that's true personalisation isn't it?






A Cold pressed non-sticky hair oil to clean & repair the damaged scalp. Used as a hair care procedure before hair wash. No sulfates, parabens, alcohol and other toxins. Each ingredient is highly potent and is hand picked from leading global suppliers for high efficacy.

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Some of our 100% Natural Ingredients


Avocado Oil

Helps in repairing the split ends

Sourced from Mexico

Argan Oil

Boost Growth Cells & Hair Growth

Sourced from Morocco

Wheatgerm Oil

Gives moisture protection to the Scalp

Sourced from Argentina

Macadamia Nut Oil

Detangles & Controls Frizz

Sourced from South Africa

Jojoba Oil

Increases the Hair thickness

Sourced from Mexico

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When can I order Freewill's Hair Oil?

Soon! We are about to add Hair Oil in the shelf with other products. Sign-up to get a 10% discount & latest information on our Hair Oil.

How long does it take for the product to show results?

Typically it takes 3-4 application to start seeing results. Issues are softness, smoothness & shine are resolved after just a couple of washes. Goals like dandruff reduction, anti-dryness can take about 6-8 washes for highly visible results.

Are the products government approved?

Each of our formulation is approved by Department of Medical, Health & Family Welfare (Government of India) and is thoroughly tested in a Government Certified lab before they are sent to you. As our product are mild, natural and does not contain and harsh toxins, they are 100% safe to use everyday.

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