Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Rithi Choudhury (Journalist) on 06th Oct 2020

Your Skin Will Love These Beauty Tools! Thank Us Later

Love These Beauty Tools

Beauty is a Pain," said someone wise. Keeping up with the Beauty World is more excellent than keeping up with the Kardashians. Now and then, a new product, a new ingredient, technique or tool is introduced or re-discovered that promises to slow our aging process and enhance our aesthetics.

If this is true, we may have finally found the 'elixir of youth' in beauty tools! But the question is, how effective are they, or is it all but pseudo-science? Let's dig in and find out if these 'beauty tools' are worth our money or just a fad? 

1. Crystal Rollers 

Crystal Rollers

Crystal Rollers are the cute little crystal wand rollers in green (jade), pink (rose quartz), violet (amethyst), clear (quartz), etc. It claims to boost blood circulation, helps lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, sculpts the facial muscles, all of which will contribute to a glowing complexion and toned face with defined cheekbones.  


Crystals have a naturally cold surface. Hence they can reduce puffiness from the cheeks and around up to an extent, mainly when used after freezing it.

From a scientific viewpoint, crystals have frequencies (that is, they keep oscillating or moving back and forth). When it is rolled over the face, the idea is that it helps to move the lymph and release toxins. Our dial watch works because of a tiny piece of quartz crystal inside it, and so does our cell phone.

This is because quartz is piezoelectric - it generates electricity when pressure is exerted upon it. Hence the notion that these crystal rollers are effective is not a non-sense idea. But opinions are divided. Based on the scientific reasons provided above, some would say it gives the claimed benefits to the skin.

In contrast, others would say any little help it provides could very well be a 'placebo effect.' But rolling the crystal over your skin does provide you with the benefits of a massage. It could be the reason behind its effectiveness, if not the crystal itself.

However, it is a better option to release toxins from your body through exercise.  


If you want to feel fancy and need help massaging your face other than your fingers, go ahead and get a crystal roller because it is not a complete waste of money.

But it is only an addition to your skincare regime, not a replacement for your creams and healthy diet. 

2. Gua Sha/Face Lifting Stones 

Gua Sha stones are similar to crystal rollers because they are flat stones made of crystals (rose quartz, jade, etc.) with two curves and depth in between.

Often they are shaped like hearts for artistic appeal and are a favorite among celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gua Sha to hails from China, 'Gua' means scrape, and 'Sha' means sand.

The name suggests a flat crystal stone is scraped over the face in upward strokes to release muscle tension, promote lymphatic drainage, and tone the muscles for a defined look.

It is a fancy face massage involving crystals. 


The science behind the working of crystals is already built in the above section. Massaging the face in upwards strokes is a good idea, and people often report for having experienced huge benefits like skin firming and radiating after a Gua Sha session.  


Either get a Gua Sha stone or a crystal roller because the benefits mirror each other's mirror image. If you want to get both the tools, go ahead, but that will not necessarily give you extra.

Also, make sure you clean the crystal stone before and after every use to avoid getting germs on your face. Do not be too aggressive with your strokes, or you would end up bruising your skin. 

3. Microcurrent Facial Toning Device 

These microcurrent facial toning devices are like a 'recurring character' in the Vogue celebrity skincare videos.

It has two metallic spheres that release gentle waves of electricity on the face to lift and sculpt the facial muscles. 


Let's get this straight - they work as it gives you an instantly slightly lifted look due to the microcurrent, but the sculpted effect is temporary.

Your skin is instantly plumped and looks firmer after a single session. But the results will not be permanent, and therefore you need to keep doing it every day or as often as you can.

Generally, that should not be a hassle as it takes only around five minutes to work through your face muscles and that too in a painless way. Views on these devices are mixed among dermatologists and consumers alike.  


They are costly compared to the crystal rollers or stones, but because they are proven to be more effective and hence are worth the investment if choosing between crystal wands and microcurrent tools, given you have the money to splurge.

Besides, getting an at-home microcurrent device is still cost-effective than frequent in-office treatments. But many consumers also accused of side effects with these microcurrent facial devices like rashes, headaches, unlike the zero-side effect crystal rollers/stones. 

4. Cryo Facial Balls 

The idea behind these metallic balls resembling maracas is cryotherapy - subjecting your body to freezing temperatures to remove abnormal tissue.

When it comes to face, cryotherapy soothes sore muscles and reduces inflammation. Think of ice cubes that you rub over your face after sun/heat exposure to cure burns or redness. 


Well, yes, putting something cold on your face will help reduce puffiness and soothe inflammation. But these cryo facial balls do not work when left at room temperature but need to be put in the freezer for reaping the best results.

A modest way to achieve these cryo facial balls' benefits is to put two stainless steel spoons in the freezer and use the convex end (back end) to work through your face. 


These are just a fad product and not worth spending the extra money. If you want it, get it, but you know the alternative is just lying in your kitchen.  

5. Microneedling Tool 

Microneedling is a derma-rolling process where small needles on the roller (and hence the name micro-needling) prick the skin for achieving a smoother skin texture, reducing scarring and stretch marks, treating fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen production, and restoring elasticity.

The idea is that by knowingly causing these micro-injuries through pricking, the skin is prompted to make more collagen for healing. The resulting skin tissue being new is also smoother and firmer in appearance.

It is performed by a dermatologist or a licensed esthetician and is an expensive procedure. Now at home, the micro-needling tool is an essential face roller with microneedles attached to the roller and, as you have guessed, is designed for self-application.  


Microneedling is not safe from side effects like bruising, bleeding, infections, etc. even when done under expert supervision, let alone an at-home procedure.

Unless you are trained to use a micro-needling tool correctly, you really should not risk it. Besides, when performed at home, the chances of infections are high as the needles have a higher chance of contamination and even septic infection.

You should steer clear from this tool if you have eczema, psoriasis, or other inflammatory skin condition. Skin irritation and redness is pretty joint after a session. Also, sunscreen is a must as this procedure leaves the skin susceptible to sun damage due to obvious reasons. 


Not at all recommended for at-home treatment and risk damaging your skin. If you do want to reap benefits, consult your dermatologist and go for professional micro-needling.

Your dermatologist and esthetician are the best people to decide if your skin needs this procedure or not, and if your skin is fit enough to take it. 

6. Low Vacuum 

How nice would it be if all the comedones (white/blackheads) could be vacuumed out (sucked out) of our pores without having to extract them painfully?

Well, pore vacuuming tools make this fantasy almost a reality by doing just that. But do not get your hopes high because nothing is perfect. Magic, if it exists, has not been found yet. 


The tool works only when the clogged pores have been loosened already with oil breaking exfoliants like salicylic acid or lactic acid.

Moreover, the suction has to create enough friction to draw out all the dirt and oxidized oil deep inside the pores. But for it to be instrumental in pulling out all the debris, the suction must be high, which will leave the skin bruised.  


We get it that there is something grossly satisfying about watching gooey comedones being extracted from your pores. But it is not worth the resulting damage done to the skin.

Stick to safer and long term effective options like chemical exfoliation and using non-comedogenic products.  

7. Microdermabrasion Tool 

Microdermabrasion is a gentle, non-surgical abrasive skin treatment. It scrapes away dead skin cells, and it does not stop at that. It also removes uneven outer skin layers and thereby helps the skin achieve a fine, even texture.

It is usually an in-office procedure targeted to treat wrinkles, rough skin texture, large pores, scars, and hyperpigmentation.  


At home, microdermabrasion tools often have a diamond-encrusted tip for shedding away dead skin cells and a built-in vacuum to suck in the debris. Side effects include bruising, redness, and swelling. Like with any form of exfoliation, a broad spectrum SPF is a must. 


It is useful, worth the money even if expensive but to avoid risking damage to the skin, expert supervision, or thorough training to work the tool is recommended. 

8. Acupressure Facial Roller

Acupressure is applying physical pressure at the 'energy' or 'pressure' points. It is used to clear blockages, release muscle tension, and promote endorphins release in the body to ease the pain.

An acupressure roller is like a regular crystal face roller in appearance except that they have tiny spikes sticking out of the roller. It can be made of crystals, wood, or even plastic. 


If your roller is made of crystal well, you know how crystal works. If it is wood or plastic, well, you will not be getting the claimed benefits of crystals or any services at all for that matter except some face massaging for which the hands are enough.

Even the crystal acupressure rollers are nothing different or any better than regular crystal rollers. 


If you like the feeling of little spikes rolling over your face, get one made with crystals instead of a regular, straight crystal roller. 

9. Epilator 

Epilators are electrical devices that pluck body hair from the roots similar to waxing but without the mess.  


They are useful, and hair is plucked out from the roots, unlike shaving, therefore depending on your hair growth rate, you can remain body-hair free for a more extended period as opposed to waxing.

Like waxing, you may experience ingrown-hairs, but that can be tackled with proper exfoliation before the epilation. 


Epilation is generally safe even though it is not pain-free, unlike shaving. But think of all the money you will be saving from your monthly parlor trips for waxing if you invest in a good epilator from an authentic supplier/brand.