Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Sritama Dutta (Medical Science) on 01st Oct 2020

Micellar Water Helps Your Skin Breathe Again! Here's How

Micellar Water Helps Your Skin Breathe

Leaving your makeup on overnight is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. Though it may appear tempting after a long tiring day when you want to drop dead on your bed, leaving the makeup can have several harmful effects on your skin.

Your skin has its mechanism of regeneration. Removing every little bit of makeup from your face relieves it from the cosmetics' heaviness and enables your skin to repair and replenish itself.  

What will happen if you leave your makeup overnight?

Leaving your makeup on overnight will, 

  • Clog your skin pores and obstruct the sebaceous glands.
  • The sebum produced gets accumulated due to this, which later gives rise to bumps and breakouts in your skin.  
  • It would interfere with your skin's inherent respiratory process and stops it from healing.  
  • Leaving the chemical-loaded cosmetics on, will continue to abuse your skin all night long, resulting in dull, pre-aged wrinkled skin.  

Thus, it is of extreme importance to remove your makeup altogether before you retire to bed. 

The Right Technique of Makeup Removal 

However, only washing your face with tap water won't do the job. And if you are contemplating scrubbing your face with soap, then you must know, the chemicals in the soap can strip off the natural oils that moisturize your skin and leave you with dry, bumpy, and rough skin.

If you wonder whether there is an alternative that can save you from this plight, let us tell you that Micellar Water has been formulated just for this purpose.

Micellar water is a reasonably new concept among the population. If you are wondering about the effect it has on your skin. We are here to help you out with all your concerns. In this article, we will tell you all about Micellar water, its uses, benefits, and probable hazards so that you can be well-informed before you consider adopting it into your skincare regime.  

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a gentle facial cleanser loaded with tiny micelles (you would know more as you read further) suspended in soft water. When a sufficient amount of surfactants are incorporated in water ( to say in scientific terms, the amount needs to be more than the Critical Micelle Concentration or CMC), they form a spherical cluster called the micelles. The micelles can pull out all the impurities from your skin without disturbing its natural elements. 

Did You Know?

Though micellar water is a relatively new concept for most of us, it has been around for decades. Women of France have adopted Micellar water as a vital component of their beauty regime since the 1900s, to protect their skin from the hard water!  

The micelles in micellar water are amphiphilic. That means they have both lipophilic as well as hydrophilic properties. It implies that the micelles can attract the impurities out of your dermal layer and remove the cosmetic elements entirely, without offending your skin.  

How Does Micellar Water Work? 

The mechanism of action of micellar water is no magic. It has simple chemistry behind it and comprises surfactant molecules dispersed in a solvent. These molecules have an amphiphilic structure.

They consist of both hydrophilic terminals and lipophilic ends. When they contact hydrophobic materials like those present in cosmetics, the molecules solubilize the components into an aqueous phase. The surfactant molecules then drive out the solubilized impurities without disturbing the integrity of your skin.

The micelles effectively unclog your skin pores but do not penetrate your dermal layer. The thorough cleansing of pores increases skin permeability, allowing future deeper cleaning and unblocks the sebaceous glands' ducts. Being hydrophilic, it helps to restore the natural moisture of your skin, making it soft and supple.

Ingredients of Micellar Water:

Typical micellar water consists of three to four necessary ingredients.

The essential elements among them are; 

  • Water (the solvent)
  • Surfactants ( the Micelle) 

Apart from these, micellar water also contains: 

  • Glycol: that acts as a humectant which facilitates solubility of the grease and elements present in cosmetics.
  • Preservative for increased shelf-life of the micellar water.  
  • Glycerin: This acts as a lightweight moisturizer that leaves your skin hydrated after wiping away all your makeup.

The manufacturer may also include some additives in the micellar water, like rose water, or even infuse vitamin C in it for extra benefits.  

How is Micellar Water Beneficial to Your Skin?

Using micellar water has become quite a trend in recent days. The truth behind this is the micellar water is a versatile product that you can use in various ways. Also, micelles water has been tested to suit all skin types. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, micellar water is ideal for everyone. It maintains an optimum oil and pH balance of the skin. This helps keep the excess oil in check for oily skins and retains moisture to keep the dry skin hydrated.

It is genuinely multifunctional and renders many benefits to your skin.  

Here Are Five Reasons Why Micellar Water Is Right For Your Skin

1. Gently Wipes Away Your Makeup 

You don't have to scrub and scrape your skin to remove your makeup. Micellar water acts as gently as possible in your skin to deeply cleanse all makeup bits so that your skin is fresh and elegant again at the end of the day. Just dab a cotton pad with some micellar solution and remove all your makeup with a single smooth wipe.

Micellar water does not smear your makeup like other removers or cleansers. It just lifts all the makeup residue from your face and eyes and leaves your skin as good as new.  

2. Removed Excess Oil and Impurities from Your Skin 

The lipophilic property of micellar water is highly active in pulling out the excess oil and impurities from your skin. It increases your skin permeability and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Specific facial cleansers contain alcohol in them, giving you a temporary fresh and matte feel because it strips your face skin of its natural moisture. But it is harmful for an extended period or in the long run. Alcohol can dry your skin and inhibit the natural healing process of your skin. Micellar water is a product that boosts your skin's healing process and helps in a thorough cleansing of grease and dirt.  

3. Keeps Your Skin Hydrated 

Micellar water has hydrating elements like glycerin. Glycerin, a derivative of glycerol, has been tested to retain your skin's natural moisture and keeps it hydrated. Micellar water helps to strengthen the natural barrier of the skin and boosts its reparative activity.

It has also been found that glycerine can accelerate wound healing and even protect skin against external irritants.

You can use micelles water all year long in any weather and expect the best outcome.  

Did You Know?

Micellar water can strengthen your skin's natural barriers and empower its defense mechanism against external abuse. Regular use of micelles water to cleanse your skin can protect you from various skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, etc.

4. Prevents Acne and Breakouts 

Clogged pores and blocked sebaceous ducts can induce acne and blackhead formation. Keeping them untreated can cause them to inflame and result in pimples, breakouts, and scarring.

Micellar water can effectively unclog the pores in your skin and let your skin breathe. The tiny micelles are strong enough to bust out the stubborn cosmetic particles but gentle enough not to harm your skin. The surfactants in the solution are very mild that does not irritate your skin and effectively remove excess sebum to keep your face clear. This, in turn, is incredibly helpful in reducing acne and breakouts.  

5. Can be used as a Toner 

Commercially available toners may contain alcohol in them. To avoid that, you can easily replace toners with a micellar solution. Micellar water has a remarkable ability to nourish your skin. It can help the dermal layer replenish itself with all the necessary nutrients that can significantly improve your skin's health. It helps maintain your skin's resilience and delay the aging and wrinkling of the outer skin. It can also reduce the enlarged pores that, in turn, helps in minimizing the harmful effects of external contaminations. 

Can Micellar Water be Harmful to Your Skin? 

Micellar water is usually popularized as a multipurpose cleanser, but some cases have been reported where it has not been quite effective in eradicating the waterproof eye makeup.

This resulted in: 

  • Infection
  • Pruritus
  • Drying and swelling of the eyelids 
  • Clogging of the sebaceous glands of eyelashes. 
  • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Dermatologists and ophthalmologists suggest using a medical graded makeup remover to clean eye makeup before using micellar water properly. 

  • In case you have a skin-related condition that needs medication, it is wise to seek advice from your dermatologists regarding adopting micelles water in your skincare regime.
  • Micellar water is supposed to be a no-rinse formula. However, if you have susceptible skin, it would be good to rinse off your face with plain water after using the micellar solution

How to Use Micellar Water?

  • Keep a stash of cotton pads handy. When you need to remove your makeup, soak a pad with some micellar water and swipe it across your face and eyelids to remove all makeup without any hassle.
  • For more stubborn makeup stains, dab the cotton pad for some time in the area. It will lift away all the grease and dirt.
  • You can also use micellar water to take care of any makeup mishap. Whether your eyeliner wings were not perfect, or you have messed up the mascara, you don't have to panic anymore. Just dip a Q-tip in the micellar solution and work as an eraser to wipe away the mistakes. 
  • Also, Micellar water can be used as a mist on the day when you decide to skip makeup and go all-natural. It will make your skin look healthy, fresh, and dewy.  

Pro-Tip From Minimalist:

The ability of micellar water to act as a magnet that pulls out all impurities and grease can be used to clean your makeup brushes.

Greasy makeup brushes can hoard harmful microbes. Using them will contaminate your skin with the bacteria, which can aggravate breakouts and acne. Just wash the brushes with micellar water and rub the bristles on a cleaning mat, and you would be good to go again.

Happy Skin, Happy You!

Micellar water is a fantastic product that can help you cleanse your makeup, remove excess oil and impurities, and promote skin hydration. It can assist in improving your dermatological health.

It is very convenient to use and even to carry along with you on your trips.

We hope this read has helped you better understand micellar water and its uses. Adopt it in your daily skincare routine and experience the difference yourself.