Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Gopika Suresh (Journalist) on 29th Sep 2020

Love Facial Massage? Here Are Some Simple Tips For A Salon-Like At-Home Facial 

Love Facial Massage

Every beauty fanatic would know about the power of a CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) routine. But what about facial massages? Although almost every facial massage session brings that unique glow in tow, some critics don’t endorse the idea of facial massage at home.

Before we dive deeper into the hows and whys, let’s first understand what a facial massage is and what it can do for your skin. 

What Is A Facial Massage?

What Is A Facial Massage?

Facial massage is a proven way to stimulate pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders. You could either use your own hands or hire a practitioner. Some people use lotions, cleansing balms, and oils to massage the face. Even face rollers and flat gua sha tools can give good results. 

Why Is It Important?  

Facial massages help improve blood circulation and relax one’s facial muscles that usually build up with stress. It also decreases the puffiness and produces a glow. It also helps drain the excess fluid on your face and treat sinuses. 

Minimalist Experts Say:

While it hugely depends on your skin type if you have normal and healthy skin, you can go for facial massages 2-3 times a week.  

Types Of Facial Massage

Whether you are looking to treat a condition or are just looking for relaxation, facial massages can help. Below we’ve listed some of the most popular and effective facial massages.  

1. The Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Okay, it’s time to get a bit scientific here. You may have heard of lymph earlier - a liquid in our bodies that carries away the toxins. It comprises of water, salts, and proteins. Although it takes away the waste, the accumulation of lymph can be problematic. It must be drained, so the skin does not show swelling. This is where facial massages help . And they are equally effective in reducing migraines and sinuses caused due to the excess lymph.

2. The Finger-Pressure Facial Massage or Shiatsu

A traditional Chinese technique, this facial massage uses acupressure to specific pressure points. These points on one’s face are called energy channels. Performed with particular devices, fingers, and palms, it focuses on toning the facial muscles and decreasing the wrinkles. 

3. The Classic Facial Massage 

Almost every beauty enthusiast experiences a classic facial massage at least once in their lifetime. Beauty professionals swear by its effectiveness, and we couldn’t disagree either. It includes movements like tapping, stroking, pinching, and kneading. This technique not just leaves you feeling relaxed but also improves the skin’s collagen production.  

4. The Kobido Facial Massage

One of the oldest facial massages, the Kobido, is a traditional Japanese facial massage. In Japan, the term Kobido means the ‘ancient way of beauty,’ and its results prove why it’s an age-old concept still loved by Japanese. It involves 47 techniques to relieve 16 facial muscles. And apart from improving your skin tone and imparting that subtle glow, it’s also beneficial to alleviate pain and provide deep relaxation.  

Facial Massage Benefits

Now that you know some of the popular facial massages worldwide, it’s time to look at the benefits that facial massages offer.  

It’s your secret to younger-looking skin 

Envy those celebs and Instagram influencers flaunting that flawless skin? Well, facial massages can be your best friend in helping you improve the way your skin looks.

A 2017 study examined how effective facial massages are with a stimulating massaging device. The participants used the tool with cream on their neck and face for eight weeks. Results? They were impressive. The findings showed that when the cream was used with the massaging device, results were even better. Most of the participants showed improvement in wrinkles and skin sagging. It’s no wonder why facial massages are a skincare must. 

It relieves sinus pressure

You may use facial massage techniques to relieve sinus pressure, congestion, and discomfort. However, make sure that you are not having an acute stage of sinusitis or an infectious one. Although more studies are required to confirm the effect of facial massage on the sinus, we know that it may drain mucus, decrease headaches, and improve blood circulation.  

It treats acne

Stimulating the skin with the help of facial massages could help improve the blood circulation of the face. This can reduce the appearance of acne and decrease them.

Although there is no substantial proof of this, some people swear by olive oil facial massages to treat their acne. However, once again, results are subjective, and you could do a patch test before trying it out on your entire face.

Another point to keep in mind is not being too harsh while massaging your face as this can do more harm than good. Avoid harsh exfoliants or motions and go gentle on the sensitive areas. 

It helps to alleviate jaw pain

Temporomandibular joints or TMJ may cause discomfort to an individual’s jaw and face. One may experience lockjaw, earache, and headache. A facial massage may help to relax the painful and inflamed jaw muscles. These discomforts may be caused due to jaw clenching, chewing, and teeth grinding.

When combined with other jaw exercises, a facial massage can prove highly beneficial for TMJs. 

It’s your way to glowing skin

You might have tried every right beauty product out there in your quest to get that beautiful glow on your face. Alas, to no avail. Well, this is where a facial massage can help. And that too, without costing you a penny.

In a 2002 study, 59.1% of women who had a facial massage said they felt fresh and rejuvenated. 53.5% said their skin felt supple, and 50% said they experienced tightened skin. There are plenty of records that state that by stimulating your skin with a facial massage, you can achieve tighter skin, relax stressed muscles, and improve blood circulation. 

It improves blood circulation

Using a facial massage roller can improve your face's blood circulation, thus improving the way your skin looks.

According to a 2018 study , participants had a five-minute facial massage with a roller. The findings suggested that there was increased blood flow to the region for more than ten minutes. In the long-term experiment lasting for five weeks, the blood circulation had significantly risen with facial massage.  

It rejuvenates your skin

Facial massages can do both: relieve tension and rejuvenate your skin.

Another 2018 research explains how facial massage can be useful when used with a Pao device. This device helps to improve facial rejuvenation. According to the study’s findings, the technique boosted facial muscles’ thickness and the cross-sectional area amongst women. They used the device twice a day for eight weeks and 30 seconds.  

It helps with scar tissue management

Want to get rid of those pesky scars on your face? Facial massage can be your best bet. By increasing the blood flow, loosening nearby tissues, and reducing the wounds’ appearance, a massage on your face can do wonders to lighten the scars.

And science backs it up too.

A 2014 study revealed that facial massage effectively reduced pain and itchy skin from injuries and reduced the scars’ appearance.  

Did You Know?

Facial massages can also improve your mood. So, the next time your anxiety levels peak, give your face some massage-love. 

The Ultimate Facial Massage Guide: What Minimalist Experts Recommend 

A lot of our customers ask us for tips on effective at-home facial massage. So, here’s a guide to get you going.

The very first step is to prep your skin.  

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and pull your hair away from the face.  
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water to open up the pores and pat it dry.
  • Moisturize your skin well. 
  • Next, choose an oil to do the facial massage. 
  • Steam your face for a few minutes to soften the pores and to facilitate easy penetration of the oils into the skin.  
  • Using your fingers, massage the oils into your face in a circular motion. You could make use of stimulating and deep motions if you are looking to tighten your skin.  
  • If you have sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin, remember not to go too harsh and rely only on slight pressure.  
  • If you’d like, you can consider using massage devices like a jade roller or a metal roller that may bring better results.  

Now that your skin is well prepped, you can go ahead with the rest of the massage. 

Step 1: Forehead massage

Keep your knuckles within your eyebrows and move them towards the hairline. Repeat this movement five times. 

Step 2: Eye area massage  

The area around your eyes is highly sensitive. So, be very gentle while massaging near the eye. Using your ring finger, make small, low-pressure, circular movements. You can repeat this five times.  

Step 3: Cheek massage

Near the nose bridge, keep your knuckles on your cheeks. Swipe them from the cheeks to your ears. You can repeat this technique five times.

Step 4: Massaging of the mouth area  

With your middle and index finger, make a V shape. Place your fingers so that the middle finger is under the lower lip, and the index finger is on top of the upper lip. After that, press lightly and move them towards the ears.

Step 5: Chin massage

Underneath your cheekbones, place your palms and massage them while moving towards the hairline.  

Step 6: Neck massage  

Every facial massage finishes with the neck to drain the excess lymph fluid. Massage it vertically from the collarbone to the jawline to prevent sagging. Do this in an upward action.  

Fun Fact:

Facial massage can also help you say goodbye to those under-eye bags by removing excess fluid build-up under the eye.  

How Often Should One Massage Their Face? 

You could massage your skin lightly for about 5 minutes a day. But you may get a professional facial done every three to four weeks. This is because your skin renews itself every 28 days, and getting a facial massage done in that period boosts the renewal. 

Disadvantages of A Facial Massage

Although there are no cons to facial massages, one may get saggy skin if massages are done too aggressively. It may cause muscle soreness and bruises as well. In some worst cases, it may even cause nerve damage. So, one must avoid overdoing facial massages.

Consistency with minimalism is the key here!