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Lip balms and Lip moisturizing. Here's why your lips love lip balms

why your lips love lip balms

Why is moisturization so important?  

Every single part of our body needs moisturization regardless of whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter. Moisturizing helps protect our body from dehydration, and arid weather, to name a few.

Lips are among the most vulnerable parts of the entire body because it only contains three to five (3-5) cellular layers of the skin.

Other features of our body have multiple cellular layers of the skin. As compared to the rest of the body's fur on our face, hands, legs, and other parts of the body with up to 16 or more cellular layers, skin on the lips is much thinner.

Lips often get flaky and cracked because of a lack of moisture. Peeling the lips on your skin or sucking it can lead to further damage. The condition of your lips also depends on the ingredients you use and the environment you live in.

Let us understand how a lip balm can be a big savior in this matter and what can you do to keep those beautiful lips moisturized all the time. 

What is a lip balm? 

Lip balm has a wax-like substance and consistency used by applying topically on the lips for the primary purpose of moisturization to avoid dryness, cold sores, and chapped lips.

Lip balms can help protect our lips against dry air, freezing temperatures, and wind.

Lip balm provides an occlusive layer on the lips' surface to help seal the moisture inside and shield the skin from external exposure.

Lip balm comes with different ingredients, forms, sizes, colors, and benefits. 

Did You Know:

Even though many animal species have lips, only human beings have such different lip shades: red, pink and brown!   

Benefits of lip moisturization

1. Soft and supple lips:

For this particular purpose, an ingredient like hyaluronic acid can be beneficial as it is a known ingredient to restore moisture and softness to the damaged skin.

As we already know, hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced by the human body & its primary role is to provide lubrication to cartilage and joints.

It plays an essential part in repairing tissues of both top layers (epidermis) and deeper layers (dermis) of the skin.

2. No more chapped lips: 

Factors like sun exposure, wind, dryness, and eating habits can contribute to flaky and chapped lips. Lip balm can help relieve the pain and chapping by restoring the natural balance of moisture in the lips and reducing dryness and fine lines. Amino acids and plant-based ingredients can help enhance the beauty of your lips and achieve better results. 

3. Fasten up the healing process: 

Our lips can not produce hydration or moisture on their own because they do not contain any oil glands. As our lips are more sensitive and have much thinner skin, they often get damaged due to certain factors. Still, regular use of a lip balm can ensure protection and help fasten up the healing process by providing all the necessary moisture and hydration needed by our lips.  

4. Protects skin cells: 

According to a study, the salivary glands tend to produce less saliva at night which can lead to dehydration & lack of moisture in the lips. You can avoid this cycle of dehydrated lips by applying a lip balm before bed to help keep the water in place while performing other activities. 

5. Good base for your lipstick: 

Ingredients in different lipsticks can be a bit rough on your lips, drying your lips out and making it look less attractive. Lip balm acts as an excellent base for your lipstick by providing the right amount of moisturization. Just apply it minutes before you use the lipstick to give it enough time to perform its magic, and you can see how smoothly your lipstick glides on without any fuss. 

6. Protection against sun exposure: 

Harmful rays of sun and pollution can harm not just your skin but lips too. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to pigmentation on the lips and can cause other problems. Many lip balms come with an SPF to provide you with the necessary benefit against sun exposure and other environmental aggressors. 

Did You Know:

Lips do not have any sweat glands.

What else can you do to maintain healthier lips? 

For external purposes, using a lip balm is an excellent choice to help seal the moisture and hydrate your lips from time to time, but it is also essential to internally moisturize the body. Here are a few things that can help you besides lip balms. 

1. How much water is too much water: 

As we mentioned earlier, our body needs moisturization regardless of the season throughout the entire year. Water is the main element that affects the moisture level in our bodies. The production of saliva is wholly based on water levels. Less water means less saliva that can further dehydrate lips.

It is recommended by many dermatologists to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day to have a proper balance of moisture in your body. It does not include tea and coffee with caffeine because it encourages fluids to pass out from the body, leaving it dehydrated. 

2. Sleeping with a humidifier can be helpful: 

Our skin cells' natural moisturizing factor helps maintain the elasticity and prevent the lips from cracking and chapping. Still, as compared to oily skin, people with dry skin have a lesser natural moisturizing factor. Due to dry heat, moisture can evaporate more quickly, leaving the lips chapped and dry. If you use a humidifier when you sleep, it will help add moisture to the air and the surroundings, helping your skin to stay soft and supple. 

3. Use natural exfoliation methods: 

It can be tempting to peel or bite off that dry skin off of your lips, but you will surely regret it after a few seconds as it can be equally painful. No matter what peeling or biting the dry skin is never a good option. Instead, use a homemade lip scrub to get rid of that dry skin. You need two ingredients, brown sugar and coconut oil, mix both of them and massage gently on your lips. You can also use a soft cloth to do the work for you.

4. Use lip products with nourishing ingredients: 

Nourishing ingredients creates a smooth barrier to help seal the moisture in. Ingredients like moringa oil, beeswax, shea butter, petroleum jelly, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil are known to hydrate, nourish, and heal dry skin and lips. Applying natural ingredients like honey, and aloe vera can also maintain luscious lips.

5. Choose creamy lipsticks over matte: 

Using lipsticks with creamer formula over matte ones can help keep your lips hydrated as it contains moisturizing ingredients. It usually contains beeswax, essential oils, and antioxidants to provide nourishment to your lips.

If you opt for a lipstick with a matte formula, remember to put on a lip balm beneath it to help your lips from drying out and help your lipstick glide on smoothly. 

6. Overlicking is bad: 

When lips are dry, we tend to lick them and think that it is the best way to keep them hydrated, but it is the opposite. It is the worst habit that you can develop over time. There are many enzymes in our saliva that are meant to help in the digestion of food. So by that, you can assume how irritating it can be for your lips. 

7. Stay away from flavored ingredients: 

There are the right products, and there are wrong products for both your face and lips. You may find many products containing dyes, colors, and waxes that can trigger your lips by causing allergies and irritation. Ingredients like menthol, mint, or cinnamon feel and smell great at first but can dry out your lips. Instead, use emollient products that help create a barrier to seal in the moisture. 

8. Too matte lipsticks and lip plumpers can make it worse:

It is a big trend these days to have voluminous lips. People go above and beyond to create plum in their lips. Lip plumpers contain irritants and chemicals that can cause chapped lips or can even lead to dermatitis on your lips. Even if you use lip plumpers often, you should apply natural oils like moringa, coconut, and sunflower to heal from the dryness.  

Too matte lipsticks and lip plumpers can make it worse:


Introducing lip balms in your regime can help avoid dryness and keep your lips hydrated always. You can have some fantastic benefits, including smooth and soft lips.