Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Nancy Agrahari (Journalist) on 30th Sep 2020

Facial Mists VS. Toners. Here's All You Need To Know

Facial Mists VS. Toners

Being regular in the skincare routine can only prepare you for the new 'amazing' arrival every new month. The downside of not being the skincare nerd is the confusing relations between every other product. Like Mist and Toner, they look so similar that you may often find them in the same category when buying mists online.

If you have wracked your brain thinking about the difference between a toner and mist, then you have landed in the right place. We are skincare nerds who love to clear the air and help you find the right kind of products for yourself.

Today we are here to answer every question related to a mist and toner. Let's discuss the difference, benefits, and whether you should invest your time, money, and energy choosing the right skin toner or mist for yourself. So, let's get started.

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  • Know your skin type
  • Find all the details about toner and its benefits 
  • To know the correct time and method to use a toner
  • Know about mist and its benefits
  • Discover the importance of mist for a healthy skin
  • Do's and don'ts about mists and toners 

How crucial is it to select the right skincare product?

We believe that everyone should have the liberty of trial and error when choosing the most suitable skincare product for their skin. Skincare shopping is not just a regular process. It is incredibly essential to select the correct products because every skin is different and requires different care and attention.  

Do you know your skin type?

If you think that every other person on youtube has a solution to your skincare problems, without even identifying your skin type. Then sorry, guys, you are highly mistaken.

There have been enough DIYs and product ideas that have been tossed your way over the years. But not all of them can make your skin glow. 

Thus, you have to be highly selective when it comes to using a skincare product.
The same is the case with mists and toners.

To select whether you need a skin toner or mist, do a quick test and identify your skin type. Determining your skin will give you an idea of whether it is normal, dry, dehydrated, oily, or acne-prone. Then you can create your skin routine and include the right skincare products around the same.  

Know your skin type with these simple steps!

Step 1:

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2:

Pat dry your face and do not apply any cream for 40-45 minutes.

Step 3:

After 40 minutes, examine your face in the mirror to check your skin type.

Not applying any cream or moisturizer will help you understand the texture of the skin.

If your skin develops an oily barrier, then your skin is oily.

However, deciding between dry and dehydrated skin can be tricky. Dehydrated skin lacks hydration and moisture, in case you feel your skin is dry, look for products that gravitate towards cleanliness and moisturization. For dehydrated skin, look for Hyaluronic acid serums, drink a lot of water, and meet a dermatologist for detailed information.

Once you have identified your skin type, plan your both morning and night routine around the same. 

What is a Toner? Why do you NEED it?

A toner is a magical skincare product that is ideally applied after a cleanser and before any creams, serums, skin treatments, or moisturizers. As per the research, Skin toners are responsible for tightening your pores and balancing the skin's pH balance.

When we sweat out the sebum on our skin, it gets mixed with the sweat and forms a layer on the skin called an 'acid mantle.' This layer often has a pH level of 4.5-6.2 (slightly acidic). When we use good soaps to wash your face, it imbalances the pH, making it alkaline. The skin toners clean the skin and balance the pH by neutralizing it. 

Importance of Skin Toner

A skin toner not just balances your skin pH level but also cleanses your skin, making it firmer and radiant. It's pores reducing properties also helps to shrink the pores and control acne and breakouts. A skin toner has significant benefits like- 

  • Balance the skin natural pH level, keeping it plump and healthy
  • Tightens pores to reduce breakouts
  • Cleanse the skin to erase all traces of makeup or dirt after using a cleanser. It focuses on giving you a firmer, youthful appearance 
  • Creates a protective shield to protect the skin from harmful environment exposure 
  • Acts as a moisturizer
  • Contain soothing ingredients like rose-water, cucumber, and aloe vera, which reduces redness or irritation. 

How and When To Use a toner? 

The perfect method to use a toner 

On a cotton pad, gently add a few drops of toner and clean your face with it. Follow a smooth, gentle motion to apply it all over the face.  

The perfect time to use a toner 

Once you have correctly cleansed your entire face, apply the toner using a cotton pad on your face when it is still damp. It helps the ingredients to penetrate the skin for the best results quickly.

Ideally, use toner twice a day (both AM and PM), and include it in your everyday skincare routine. In case you feel any dryness or irritation, change it to once a day. If the problem persists, take a look at the ingredients and check if any of it causes you any side effects. If it's none, try switching to a mild toner. 

What is a Face Mist? 

A face mist is like an instant rehydrator. Mist is packed with nourishing and calming ingredients, essential oils, and nutrients that instantly brighten and freshen your skin when sprayed/applied.

Human skin is exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, dirt, and other particles throughout the day. At home or in the office, our skin is exposed to air conditioning, which results in dry, rough skin. The skin mist is one solution to all your small skin problems, says all the big beauty brands. It is ideally packed with moisturizing and relaxing agents that keep your skin fresh, relaxed, and radiant all day long.

Importance of a Face Mist

Whether it is selecting products for a glowy skincare routine or looking for just the right ingredients in the mist, the search party is always on. When you buy a face mist online, look at the ingredients to have a clear idea of what to expect from the product. Ideally, a face mist should- 

  • Lift your face and mood instantly
  • It has soothing and nourishing properties to provide radiance and nourishment in and out.
  • Sets up your makeup in minutes
  • Apply at any time you like for instant hydration or a smoother, glowy appearance.

How and When to Use a Face Mist? 

The perfect method to use a Face Mist

Hold the bottle of face mist around 7-8 inches away from your face, close your eyes and spray the mist 2-3 times around the face. Allow the mist to be absorbed by the skin, and you are good to go.

The perfect time to use a Face Mist

Unlike a toner, you can use a face mist at any time of the day. You can use the mist to set your makeup or refresh your look before a meeting or lunch.

You can even use a face mist to smoothen your skin for an even appearance.

A mist works excellent in between the serums or creams. Also, you can use it as an instant moisturizer. 

How To Select The Right Toner For Your Skin Type?

Toners are made with different ingredients to neutralize your skin pH level, reduce stress, and tighten the pores.

Acne-prone skin

For acne-prone skin, look for toners with alpha-hydroxy acids or glycolic acids in the ingredient list. It will help reduce acne and avoid further inflammation. You may also use toners with salicylic acid.

Sensitive Skin

Always look for ingredients that calm your skin and avoid inflammation. Toners with ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera gel can be the right choice. 

Normal skin to combination skin

You can use ingredients with Vitamin C or other antioxidants. You can also look for toners with ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, or coenzyme q10. Toners with calming effects can also be the right choice for you. 

Dry Skin

Look for toners that provide moisture and no inflammation. Hyaluronic acid or aloe vera gel is the right choice. 

Oily Skin

The ones with oily skin should look for ingredients like glycolic acid, willow bark, sandalwood, or salicylic acid in their toners. Use them religiously for the best results.  

Dos and Don'ts of Toners and Mist

  • Try not to skip toner in your skincare routine and use them religiously after cleansing the face and before any serums, creams, or moisturizers. 
  • Don't use a mist with your eyes open as it may irritate your eyes. 
  • Do not use toners or mist with alcohol in it. It may irritate your skin and lead to breakouts. 

The Takeaway

Try to use an effective toner and mist in case you have sensitive or dry skin. With its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it reduces acne and prevents further breakouts.

Since toners also balance the pH level of the skin, they can be used regularly. Take care of your skin and use what is right for you for clear and smooth skin.