Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Shreya Singh (Pharmacist) on 26th Oct 2020

Detox! A term we all are familiar with but have you heard about the new detox foot pads

the new detox foot pads

As it is rightly believed, "A body that is free of toxins and harmful chemicals is where a healthy mind and soul resides."

In the good olden days, fresh fruits and vegetables used to be a part of one's daily diet, and food was less processed and adulterated. It's a no brainer why older adults lived longer & had healthy bodies.

In today's time, one needs to take extra precautions and adopt different measures to live a healthy life and maintain a fit body. There is a surfeit of toxins that roam the modern world we live in, making us vulnerable to their effect. We could find toxic substances in our food, the air we breathe, and many everyday items we use daily, including cosmetics and household gadgets that can be a major downer and contribute to health deterioration.

Detoxing our bodies could be the ultimate savior and prevent a series of health conditions that typically starts with exposure to the toxins.

But hearing the word ''detoxing'', our mind instantly reverts to traumatic flashbacks of cups of clear teas and tasteless, bitter juices that we often shy away from.

But besides these distressing options that most of us are usually familiar with, there are other pleasing and effortless ways of detoxifying your body. And one amongst them is the detox foot pads that are recently popping up all over the market place! 

Did you ever think that your feet could play a key role in detoxifying your body? 

Detox foot pads are set to change the conventional ideas of detoxification. They're claimed to show promising results of a purified body, free of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

Just read along to discover everything about these detox foot pads and know why everyone is going gaga over these unique detoxifiers. 

Detox foot pads? What's that? 

Detox foot pads are adhesive pads or patches stuck on the bottom of feet and left there overnight. Manufacturers claim that they can dramatically improve health by drawing out toxins such as heavy metals from your body.

They contain various natural ingredients like wood vinegar, Tourmaline, herbs, and minerals, which are supposed to act as a magnet for toxins and harmful chemicals. They work by pulling out metals and poisons such as lead and arsenic out of your body while you're asleep.

A 2006 study printed/published in the Journal of Environmental Sciences, performed by a Chinese research team, led by Kan Jiang, found that Tourmaline effectively removes heavy metals like lead, zinc, copper, and cadmium efficiently aqueous solutions. This logic is utilized by most commercial foot pads selling companies since the given mineral generates negative ions to which harmful heavy metals in the body such as cadmium, chromium, copper, and lead attach and are flushed out of the body. These negative ions are reported to form "magnetic channels" and "unblock the lymphatic passages" that draw out sweat and toxins coming along with it.

In the morning time, when you peel off the detox pads from your feet, it's darkened and gooey, gross appearance supposedly indicates the toxins that have been flushed out from your body.

Some manufacturers have even gone so far as to claim that these could be beneficial for treating a host of other problems, including stress, high blood pressure, cellulite, depression, pain-relieving, sleeping aid, weight loss, and general well-being. 

Good to know:

Many researchers have discovered that environmental toxins and chemicals can be among the many factors contributing to the build-up in your system and often stall weight loss, making the person overweight or obese. 

Why are the foot detox pads worn on the feet? 

The detox pads are generally worn on the feet for a couple of reasons, making it the best place to draw toxins out from.

Firstly, the feet are considered the "second heart" in oriental medicine, connected to all the body's different organs and aids in blood circulation and lymph back up into the torso.

In traditional Chinese medicine, your body is believed to send toxins as far away from your heart as possible, so generally your feet.

Furthermore, most of these foot detox pads manufacturing companies claim that the best place to eliminate toxins from the body through sweat is the feet' soles as they contain maximum acupuncture points.

In reflexology and acupuncture, the foot takes the weight of the whole body. Therefore, by wearing the detox pads on the feet, toxins can be removed from all parts of the body.

However, if you were to study reflexology yourself, you can hardly mention toxin elimination using such methods or any other type of similar technique. 

What are the benefits of detox foot pads? 

Although there is no reliable scientific evidence proving their effectiveness, some of the prime anecdotal benefits of using foot detox pads believed to be trustworthy are: 

1). Stress relief: 

They are primarily supposed to act as a stress reliever. Through the feet' soles, the pads are claimed to eliminate all the stress and fatigue that has been piled up in the body throughout the day. Making them an essential part of your daily routine can help you maintain a stress-free life. 

2). Eliminates toxins: 

Detox foot pads help remove the unavoidable toxins from your body, making you feel more energetic and adding vitality to your life. Flushing out body toxins not only helps in improving the overall health & wellness but also aids in promoting clear and healthy skin

3). Reduces anxiety:

It also promises to alleviate the anxiety levels in the body while a person sleeps. When you wake up in the morning, you feel more energized and peaceful with a much lucid mind and body. A relaxed mind and body allow you to work and function more efficiently. 

4). Better sleep: 

For people who face trouble in having a sound sleep at night, detox pads could be their savior of the day. It helps in promoting better sleep in individuals so that you wake up feeling refreshed and calm. 

5). Enhances circulation: 

Foot detox pads claim to improve blood circulation by flushing out all the toxins and cleansing the body thoroughly. Better circulation ultimately enhances the overall well-being of the body and wards of certain diseases and illnesses related to improper circulation. 

6). Reduces foot pain: 

One of its impressive benefits is that these splendid pads can ease away those niggling aches and pains associated with the feet overnight. Thus, making them an appealing product for those who struggle from sore feet or other discomforts while being on the feet all day.  

Do detox foot pads work? 

No scientific data or reliable evidence backing up the efficacy of footpads in removing chemicals, toxins, or waste from the body. However, you can still find them online with a mix of positive & negative reviews, and manufacturers often claim them to be the ''golden remedy'' for almost everything.

However, according to a study by NMS Labs, a national laboratory performs toxicology testing, no toxins, heavy metals, or chemicals were found on the used pads. And they also declared that the feet's wetness caused the darkening of the pads during the night. And the pads can darken in the same way when placed under a water stream or in a humid environment. 

Are there any risk factors associated with using detox pads? 

Even if there isn't any proven evidence of showing detoxifying results from the footpads, you can still, by all means, use them even for a placebo effect. Many doctors have claimed that the detox foot pads, even if ineffective, are harmless to try.

As long as you don't develop an allergy from applying the footpads and don't break the bank, there are no pitfalls of trying them if you're interested. 

The Takeaways 

Detox foot pads have received mixed reviews. Some people believe that they work to enhance your body's overall health by drawing out toxins from your body, while some consider them to be a mere hoax.

Either way, if you're, you mean to kick start yourself into a healthier lifestyle, these, although through their placebo action, could provide you with the much-needed motivation. They are the perfect way of creating a healthy eating plan by cleansing the body, flushing out toxins & waste, and preparing for efficient and effective food absorption.

Or as with anything that seems too fantastic to be accurate, your safest bet could be to wait for the actual scientific evidence to arrive that proves a claim before investing your money and time and falling prey to it.