Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Nancy Agrahari (Journalist) on 15th Oct 2020

10 Tips For Healthy Skin You Can Follow At Home 

Tips For Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a blessing. We all wish to be granted healthy, glowing skin with just the right *glow from within* that sets us apart from others.

There are countless over the counter products that claim to give you healthy skin, but we are here to dig back to our roots and bring out all the secret ingredients our grandma loved, to use on the skin.

If your mother, dadi, or nani still use these secret ingredients and steer clear of the over-the-counter products, then you too need to follow a trick or two.  

Going The All-Natural Way! 

Natural ingredients have worked on our skin for centuries now. They keep our skin feeling plump, healthy, and glowy without using harmful chemicals or alcohol.

If you, too, have wished to enjoy glowy, healthy skin, then you are just a scroll away from our top 10 tips for healthy, glowing skin. These are tips you could follow from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to the constant use of masks and sanitizers, our skin has become rough and dry. It is essential to keep it well moisturized and keep drinking enough water to keep our skin healthy and glowy.  

Following a healthy skincare routine is a must

Even the dermatologists who rely on skincare products believe that one needs to follow a skincare routine for healthy skin. If you have been following a skincare routine and still experience breakouts and feel that your skin is losing its glow, it could be due to lack of proteins and vitamins in your diet, lack of sleep, stress, or even age. All these factors are responsible for stripping the skin's natural glow leading to dull, lifeless skin.

For healthy skin, the rule is to start with knowing your skin type. Knowing your skin's character (acne-prone, oily, sensitive, dehydrated, or dry), hydration level, sun exposure, and reaction to your current skincare help you understand what works and what doesn't work for your skin.

Once you have moved past the *, know your skin mode* go ahead and customize your skincare, keeping these factors into account. The most common way of recovering that lit glow from within, is by religiously using products that suit your skin. Stay away from harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, dyes, and fragrance.

You can either stay clear of everything or switch to 100% organic products. You can also choose the easy way and follow our top 10 home tips to bring back your inner glow. Trust us on this. These tips can effortlessly transform your dull look into a healthy, glowy one!

We understand how social media has overwhelmed us with DIY posts, and it indeed becomes difficult to select the right ones out there. But instead of blindly filling our carton from every big sale, it is time to sit back and choose only the right ingredients for your skin.  

There are ten tips you need to learn by heart to get healthy and glowing skin.  

1. Always Cleanse your Face 

For healthy skin, you need to keep it clean. Yes, cleanse your face every day, at least twice. The ideal time to wash your face is in the morning and at night before bedtime.

We suggest that you cleanse your face because cleansing the skin helps to get rid of the dirt, oil, makeup, or any other residue left on your skin from the day's activity. It is an important ritual when it comes to taking care of your skin. We promise you won't regret this.

Washing your face gives you a fresh look that is a given for healthy skin. Regular facial cleansing also amps up the hydration, manages the skin's pH level, and gives you a dewy complexion.  

2. Exfoliate twice a week 

We all have seen enough advertisements on face scrubs and how they help keep the skin clean and healthy. Just cleansing your face doesn't help when it comes to taking care of your skin. You need that extra ingredient to keep the dirt and dead skin cells away.

When you exfoliate, the ingredients present help gently remove all the dead skin cells from the skin's outermost layer, making it clear and fresh.
Not just that, an exfoliator also helps to give you a better light reflex. Due to this, when the light hits your skin, you get that lit glow. It is one of the reasons why your skin glows when you cleanse or exfoliate it.  

3. Keep yourself Hydrated 

Yes, your skin needs hydration, and drinking water helps. It keeps your skin healthy, and when your skin is healthy, it glows. When you see that your skin is dry (particularly in winters), it's the perfect example of what a lack of hydration can do to your body.

Lack of hydration can lead to dull, dry, and itchy skin. Think of your skin as a fluffy soft mattress with multiple layers and where every layer needs to be hydrated. If your skin lacks hydration, it will start giving your oil glands signals to produce more oil, resulting in pimples and oily skin. So for healthy skin, water in!

4. Exercise or Meditate 

Exercise helps our body to sweat out the toxins and improve our blood circulation. It is an easy way to keep your skin healthy while staying at home. You can start by walking on the terrace or meditating or practicing yoga to keep your skin plump. Once you begin regular exercising, you will notice a glow that indicates that your skin is preparing itself for good. 

5. Balanced Diet 

You can stay healthy by eating healthy. There is no way you can achieve healthy skin if you keep eating carbs, sugar, dietary supplements, or junk. Choose to eat fresh and healthy food and stay away from sugary items.

To get healthy skin, you need to focus on your diet. Ultimately what you eat reflects on your skin.

If your diet consists of sugary components, then your skin is prone to acne or pimples. Drinking lots of water and adding items like tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, walnuts, avocados, berries, lemons, oranges, grapes, and cereal to your diet, can do wonders for the skin.  

6. Stress Less 

Though this is easier said than done, try to stress less to avoid reflecting on your skin. Stress leads to acne. For a healthy mind and heart, look for ways to destress yourself. Start with taking a walk, or read a book, or do things that you love.  

7. Adequate sleep will help you get that glow!  

You have to give it to the older ones for following a good sleep schedule. The social media generation needs to learn a few tricks from them for healthy skin. Keep away your phone at night, and get adequate sleep. A good seven to eight hours of sleep helps your skin in cell turnover and exfoliation. We swear it will reflect on your skin and give you the desired glow. 

8. Home Remedies 

According to the Vedas, curd or yogurt, cucumber, tomatoes, and turmeric are excellent for cleansing the skin from tan or dark patches.  

9. Face Pack 

You can rely on the natural ingredients in a face pack and apply it on your skin twice a week for best results.

Pat dry and apply moisturizers.   

10. Moisturize 

Regularly moisturize your skin as it acts as a shield that protects the skin from environmental damage while keeping all the good stuff inside.

Moisturized skin creates a smooth, plump outer layer that repairs your skin's barrier and prevents water loss. So keep your skin moisturized every season for a healthy glow.


Never forget to apply SPF 30 or more after moisturizing your skin, to protect it from the harmful UV rays during the day. 

The Takeaway 

Take good care of the skin and keep it well moisturized. You also need to eat vegetables and fruits and regular exercise for healthy skin. Also, do not forget to follow a healthy skincare routine. It'll go a long way!