Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Nancy Agrahari (Journalist) on 23rd Sep 2020

Winter Hair Care: Useful Tips For Dry Hair  

Useful Tips For Dry Hair

Winter is coming and it is no fun for the hair. Our hair experiences the harshness of the cold weather and dries out, leading to hair fall and breakage. The winter or the chills makes our hair frizzy and dry and we end up washing our locks regularly. This results in more breakage and scalp irritation.  

Take Extra Precautions For Your Hair During Winters

We all love healthy hair and are willing to work on keeping them shiny regardless of the season. Believe us, ladies, when we say that your geographical area has a lot to do with your dry hair and fall.

If you live in a place where you experience harsh winters, you need to protect your hair even before the snow falls.

Summer might be at the end of its days, but hair problems aren’t. With the arrival of winter, hair becomes dry, frizzy, dreary, and plain sad. To protect the luscious, smooth hair from being damaged by the winter, we have come up with the safest tips to keep them healthy all winter.

Follow through with the easy winter hair tips for healthy, luscious hair. We believe that good hair equals a good mood. Do let us know your favorite among the below list or any other tips.  

Precautions For Your Hair During Winters

Here are a few hair care tips our experts swear by that will protect your hair and keep them healthy and dandruff-free:

1. Avoid regular hair washes 

If you are someone who loves to wash their hair frequently, then you might want to stop yourself right there. Regular washing of the hair will strip your locks of all the essential oil needed to keep the scalp healthy and hydrated.

These oils are vital at the times of winters and can be controlled by avoiding frequent hair wash. If you wash your hair every other day, try to wash them after a day's gap.

If you still feel that you have dry hair, then wash your hair twice a week. In case you wish to keep the hair non-oily, then you can also opt for dry shampoos. Try not to overuse the dry shampoo as it may too dry the hair. You can even wear a hat during winters before stepping out of the house to keep them healthy.  

2. Use a cap or a hat to cover your hair

The ones who cover their hair during winters are not boring but smart. Exposing your hair to harsh elements like chills, snow, rain, or dry air will suck moisture from your hair. Hair becomes dry and prone to breakage.

To protect your hair from the elements, always cover your hair before stepping out of your home during winters. Wear a hat made with silk or satin and enjoy the winters worry-free.

We suggest you wear silk or satin clad fabric because other fabrics like cotton can cause breakage. If you wish, you can also use dry oil and apply them during winters to bring back the moisturization and shine in your hair.  

3. Use Oil Based Moisturizer for that extra shine and moisture 

Oil-based moisturizers are your best friend during the winter season. No hair is immune to winter and may become dry when exposed to the chilly air. Be it relaxed, wavy, straight, or curly, they are sensitive to the brittle weather and may break more often.

To prevent the same from happening, look for extra moisturizing hair oils than your regular hair oils. These oil-based moisturizers will stay longer in the scalps and evaporate slower than regular hair oils making them more moisturized.  

4.Invest in a Humidifier 

We all love a cup of hot coffee and heater during winters, but our hair may not. Indoor heating causes the air in the home to become dry, and it sucks moisturize from the hair.

Using a humidifier will help retain moisture in the hair while keeping your hair looking healthy and hydrated. 

5.Trim it girl 

Believe us, ladies! Trimming hair during winters is a smart way to maintain the hair's overall health and keep split ends away. Try to get a quick trim after every few weeks or months. This will narrow down the chances of split hair ends or dry hair growth. 

6.Check the temperature before the shower

We love long steamy showers during winters. These are relaxing and comfortable. But these hot showers damage the hair and make them prone to dryness and hair fall.

Since hot water sucks moisture from our hair, they're not an ideal choice during winters. As tempting as it sounds, wash your hair with lukewarm water instead and maybe rinse it with cold water towards the end. (will power girl!) 

7.Never leave the hair wet during winters 

This can make you sick! Yes, leaving the hair to dry ‘on its own’ and step out of the house will be synonymous with hair fall due to carelessness. Your wet hair is more vulnerable than your dry hair during winters. Leaving the house with wet locks will cause the hair to freeze and break.

If you are in a hurry, choose to blow dry your hair or use a dry shampoo then risk them to freeze and break. 

8.Avoid Heat styling  

We say it now and we will say it again. Try not to heat style your hair, and switch to a do-it-yourself hairdo. All the extra heat and styling of your hair in winters will lead to dry hair and hair fall.

Straightening or other heating will bring your hair shine only for a few hours. Since our hair is vulnerable during the winters, the extra heating will lead to more moisture release and dryness. If you wish to wash your hair, try to do it overnight and let the hair dry naturally/air dry. Go ahead and try simple hairdos or buns or a silky hat. 

9.Yes, deep condition your hair

Static hair can be a regular during winters. Static hair occurs when our hair builds up an electric charge due to humidity, or cotton or woolen fabric. Use of a moisturizing agent like deep conditioning will replenish moisture loss in your hair by heat styling, regular washes, or dryness.

Invest in a good conditioner and use it once a week to allow the moisture to lock in your hair. This will help bring hydration and shine to your hair. 

10.Hair Mask is Good  

Hair masks are good for hair and work wonders when used regularly. Like face masks, hair masks are also filled with essential oils and ingredients that are important to maintain the hair's overall shine and health.

A hair mask can switch the texture of dry, damaged hair and protect them from further damage. It is a magic mask that works in minutes and helps bring back moisture to the hair making the hair healthy during winters.  

11.Keep your hair hydrated 

If your hair is extensively dry, you can look for hair serums and apply them overnight to lock hydration in your hair. These hair serums work overnight and reach your scalp to boost hydration in your hair.

If you wish, you can also give your hair a good oil massage and sleep on it.  

12.Drink water for healthy hair

A healthy body leads to healthy hair. Try and drink at least 8-9 gallons of water every day to encourage hair growth from your root to tip. Water is known for its beneficial properties in keeping the body healthy, and it applies to the hair too.

When your body and scalp is hydrated, you will experience no scalp problems like itchiness, dryness, dandruff, or breakage during winters. Keep drinking water to keep the hair healthy and happy during winters.  

13. Use the right shampoo 

Thoroughly washing your hair during winters won’t do it for you. People dealing with dandruff or dry scalp should look for shampoos with slightly acidic pH values.

If you have to get rid of dandruff, look for shampoos that contain zinc or sulfur as they help reduce yeast production. You can also look for customized hair shampoos if you have a dry scalp with dandruff.

Before you go ahead and buy any shampoo, have a look at the ingredients list on the bottle and look for anti-inflammatory ingredients like zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide. You can also look for shampoos with tea tree ingredients that can also help reduce inflammation.  

14. Hot Oil Massage is the best 

Winters and hot oil massages are a must. We often hear that hot oil massages help with hair fall, and it is true. Hot oil massages help to lock moisture in the hair for a long time.
These massages also help to balance the scalp’s excessive oil production. It acts as a definitive treatment against scalp problems.

When we apply oil to our scalp, it helps to draw excess oil and clean our scalp from the dirt. When we wash the hair, all the excess dirt gets washed, keeping the scalp clean. So during winters, you can opt for a hot oil massage instead of regular oiling. 

The Takeaway

Winters can be brutal for the hair, and it is essential to protect them and keep them healthy. Always try to cover your hair before stepping out and shampoo only when required. Follow these tips and keep eating healthy food with proteins and fatty acids, and your hair will remain shiny and lustrous. Oh, and stop stressing!