The Hair Guide: Fix Your Damaged Locks With These Simple Hacks

The Hair Guide: Fix Your Damaged Locks With These Simple Hacks

For most women & men, their hair is the most prized feature/part of their body. One may go to great extents to nurture their precious tresses by using all the available products in the market, to home remedies & dermatological treatments. But sometimes the outcome may not be true to its mark leaving one dissatisfied or unhappy with themselves.

While a few of us seem to be blessed with gorgeous & voluminous locks, most of us are however dealing with the damaged hair epidemic. According to a survey conducted by Head & Shoulders, 91% of us do something to damage our hair every day. Hair damage is not just a cosmetic issue but also takes a toll on an individual’s psychological & emotional well being. A 2012 study by National Institutes of Health found that out of 54 percent of women that claimed they had hair loss, 29% of them seemed to have at least two symptoms of depression. Thus making hair damage a problem that is quite relevant in today’s world.

Sometimes the little mistakes that we make with our hair every day, may actually be the root cause behind the hair damage that we’re facing! Moreover, there is nothing more heartbreaking than the thought of shedding your hair because it has become dull, lifeless & brittle. However, it’s time to rejoice! As we’ve dug down to the bottom of the chain & put together few of our ride or die hacks on how one can protect & revive their locks in due time!

You’ve Been Doing It Wrong All This Time!

Hair damage has many different causes. Sadly, hair gets damaged relatively easily & bringing it back to good health can take some time. Here are the most common factors that contribute to hair damage -

  • Diet

For quite a long time scientists have said - “You are what you eat” & the fact is true especially when it comes to hair and skin. When one doesn’t get the required nutrients or vitamins that their body needs, it can result in hair loss. A protein deficit diet can damage healthy hair & cause noticeable hair loss. Restricting yourself from eating/ fasting in order to promote weight loss can also cause hair damage & prolong the process of it. Hence it is quite essential to maintain a balanced diet in order to ensure that one’s hair remains healthy & nourished.

  • Stress

When you’re under stress you may notice a lot of symptoms such as feeling nauseous, having trouble focusing or getting a terrible headache. However, another inherent symptom of being stressed is hair loss/ damage. The right term for hair damage or loss during stress is Telogen effluvium, a condition where an individual may go through temporary hair loss due to trauma, stress or shock to their body. There are various factors that may cause stress or trauma such as pregnancy, a chronic illness, depression, a surgical procedure etc. Various studies performed on animals have proven that chronic stress is a major factor contributing to telogen effluvium. This condition usually resolves by itself, however even if treatment is unnecessary one needs to take precautionary measures to help their hair get back to its usual mojo.

  • Heat & Styling

In order to look glamorous, some of us use heat & styling products extensively on a daily basis. However, exposing our hair to these styling tools & products may increase the risk of damaging cuticles from extreme temperatures. Human hair contains keratin proteins & hydrogen bonds. When using heat styling tools, such as curling irons, straighteners etc they strip the hair of its natural oils & proteins by breaking down hydrogen bonds. In fact, the break down of hydrogen bonds is the exact same reason why one gets the desired effect from the usage of various styling tools. With frequent styling one simply exposes their hair to irregular texture & breakage which furthers the process of hair damage. Hence one should be mindful while using various products on their mane!

  • Towel Drying Methods

When one steps out of the shower, they are inclined to rub their hair with a towel immediately. However, this rubbing action is discouraged as one's hair will be at its most vulnerable self after a shower. Instead of rubbing your hair, one can look at using an absorbent towel or simply letting their hair loose to dry by itself. This will prevent one from losing any additional hair & ensure better care.

  • Incorrect Brushing

While most people recommend, combing your hair multiple times a day. Scientists from the American Academy of Dermatologists say otherwise. They recommend using a brush & comb only when styling your hair. In the market, one may find different varieties of brushes that they can use for their hair. For eg - Wide tooth combs are known to prevent breakage & brushes with natural bristles are known to add shine and improve hair texture.

  • Lack of Hair Trims

While most people, head to the spa to give themselves a nice hair treatment to get rid of split ends. A lesser known fact is that hair trimming, occasionally, helps keep hair healthy and get rid of split ends. Think of a hair trim, like a facial - one would get to rejuvenate their skin. Split ends, generally tend to travel up the rest of your hair and lead to breakage. Even if you’re growing out your tresses, seeing your hairdresser once in two months to get rid of split ends can help reduce hair damage largely.

  • Thyroid Conditions

Severe and prolonged hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause hair damage. This involves the entire scalp rather than discrete areas. Thyroid conditions occur when the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones or produces too much of it. Hair thinning is a common effect when suffering from thyroid.  

  • Use of Elastic Hair Ties

One of the most underestimated causes of hair damage is by use of elastic hair ties. While they can be handy, one doesn’t know the implications of constantly using these on your hair. These ties tend to pull on the hair cuticles & lead to hair loss. You can fix this problem, either by wearing your hair down more often or using real hair ties that will not damage your hair.



Pave Your Path Towards Healthy Hair!

While hair damage is a natural phenomenon, there’s no need to worry over a few follicles falling off. Here are a few solutions that may aid you the process of hair recovery & treatment -

  • Washing Your Hair Regularly

Keeping your scalp clean and fresh is one step towards healthy hair. Doing so, you reduce the risk towards infections & dandruff that will lead to hair breakage & loss. Cleaner hair also gives one a voluminous look. However, using the right shampoo or hair care products also matter as they make or break your hair game! If you still haven’t found the perfect hair care product, take our short quiz & try some of our au-naturale products that will change your perception towards hair care!

  • Massage Your Scalp/Hair With Essential Oils/Serums

Even if essential oils/ hair serums, seem like an additional step in your hair care routine. They are an entirely different ballgame. You will be surprised to see the difference they add to one's hair in simply a few uses. While choosing a serum for your hair look for ingredients such as passion fruit oil, fruit extracts, babassu oil & vegan proteins etc to give your hair that extra oomph. At Freewill, we use only natural ingredients & our products have been designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of every hair type.

  • Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key for better skin and hair! The hair shaft comprises of one-quarter water so it is advisable that one should drink at least four to eight cups of water in a day to keep their body hydrated & their hair follicles healthy. Drinking water does not only improve one's hair but also their skin which is beneficial for all!

  • Exercise To De-stress

Studies have proven that exercise greatly reduces stress & promotes endorphins i.e the feel-good hormones. It is important that one makes an adequate amount of time for physical activity either after a long day at work or 4 times a week in order to keep their stress levels in check & to promote overall well being. Reduced stress leads to lesser hair fall which is a much-known fact.

  • Avoid Excessive Styling

While styling is an essential part of our lifestyle, and one may find it difficult to do away with these products completely. It is advisable to use these with caution and only when it is required instead of using them on a daily basis. In order to combat, hair damage due to heat. One may look at using shampoo & serum that will bring back the moisture & natural oils that are usually stripped when one uses styling products. We suggest you try Freewill to find the perfect shampoo!

A little care and effort are all you need to prevent hair damage & keep your hair healthy! Religiously following these uber-easy hacks will save your hair from the distress & also repair the damage that is prevailing. So go on, start now & overcome your hurdles towards beautiful & healthy hair!