Ten Eye-Opening Facts About Hair That You Didn’t Know!

Ten Eye-Opening Facts About Hair That You Didn’t Know!

Hair can be as amazing and unique as the person it may belong to! It can be curly, wavy, slick straight, somewhere in between and can be found in various colors, textures & lengths. Most of us prefer to style our hair differently & switch up our hair from one day to the next.

If you think you know everything there is to hair, think again! While you’re aware of how to style your hair to make yourself look banging, or when to approach the stylist for another haircut there are a lot of facts that you may be unaware of. So hang in there & take a look below at some eye-opening data about hair, that may make you rethink your hair vocabulary!

Fact #1 - Hair Is Made Up of a Tough Protein Called Keratin

In the early 1800’s when many different kinds of proteins were being discovered, the word Keratin appeared to describe the material that made up hard tissues such as animal horns & hooves. The word is actually derived from the Greek word “Kera” which means Horn. This new protein intrigued scientists as it did not behave like other proteins.

Keratin is a protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin can also be found in your internal organs and glands. Keratin forms the structural building block of one's hair and many believe using keratin products can help treat or strengthen their hair.

Fact #2 - One Shed Between 50 - 150 Strands of Hair a Day

If you’ve started to notice a lot of hair down the shower drain, don’t fret, because it is quite normal. According to research experts, one may shed between 50 - 100 strands of hair in a day, and this number may go up to 150. The good news is that a new strand begins to grow in immediately after a strand falls or is plucked out. However, if you feel like you are losing a lot of hair, it is advisable to visit the doctor to ease your anxiety. The cause of excessive hair loss may simply be due to lack of vitamins or stress & this can easily be solved by taking certain precautionary measures.

Fact #3 - Hair Keeps Your Scalp Warm

The first sign patients with hair loss commonly report is a cold feeling upon their heads in the winter. People even notice this in air-conditioned places during the summer. Hair is insulating. A layer of hair even as thin as the hair on our arms can trap air and create an insulating layer between our skin & the cold temperatures outside. It captures heat onto the scalp & when it is lost due to male or female hair loss patterns people tend to feel the cold in the areas of thinning. Another alarming statistic is that a person may notice that their hair is thinning only after 50% of their hair is lost/fallen.

Fact #4 -  A Wet Strand of Hair Can Stretch Up To 30%

A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that wet virgin hair could be stretched up to 30% without causing much damage however irreversible changes occur when the hair is stretched between 30 - 70%. Water absorption causes swelling of the hair shaft. While most people think, brushing of wet hair is alright. The truth is that it isn't & it is the number one mistake most people make. Roughly brushing your hair when it is wet can make it snap like a hair tie. The key is to wait for your hair to dry a bit & gently brush through your hair to remove the tangles.

Fact #5 - Black & Brown Hair Are The Most Common

Hair color is determined by the amount of pigment called Melanin. An abundance of a type of melanin, called eumelanin gives one black or brown hair & the presence of another pigment called pheomelanin gives one red hair. A study conducted by the Genetics Home Reference estimated that more than 90 percent of people in the world have black & brown hair. Hair color may change over time. Researchers have speculated that certain hair-pigment proteins are activated as children grow older, which could be in response to puberty due to hormonal changes. Additionally, almost everyone will experience greying of hair as they age, although the extent & when it happens would vary from one individual to another.

Fact #6 - Your Hair Can Divulge Secrets

Your hair can say a lot about you. It doesn’t just tell people about your personality but it is also a strong form of forensic evidence. Whether it’s how much of alcohol you’ve consumed, whether you smoke or do drugs or if you’ve been stressed, your hair can record evidence. Hair can show a retrospective history of your drug & alcohol consumption over many months. The level of information one can obtain from it makes hair testing invaluable in various legal situations. The condition of your hair also says a lot about your diet & the way you live your life, hence it is advisable to be kind to your hair for the most part.

Fact #7 - Hair Was Once Used As Jewellery

In the Victorian era, people weaved wreaths and jewelry from the hair of dead relatives. This trend was started by Queen Victoria, who after the death of her husband, Prince Albert, in 1861, publicly grieved by wearing a locket made out of his hair around her neck. It could be a brooch, a pendant with hair women in the middle or even a bracelet created out of hair that would be considered both fashionable and sentimental. It was also discovered that women of the 19th century would swap locks of hair as a token of love or friendship, just like in recent times, on friendship day, young adults wear friendship bands.

Fact #8 - Sulphates Strip Hair of their Natural Oils

Studies have proven that the presence of sulfate in a shampoo or product causes cell damage & are only considered safe to be used if it’s concentration levels do not exceed 1 percent. However, shampoos that typically contain sulfates have a concentration of at least 15 percent. The study conducted by the American College of Toxicology proved that prolonged exposure causes skin irritation, depression & labored breathing. While they do make your shampoo lather, they also make hair dry and brittle and prone to more damage. Hence it’s advisable to drop sulfate and switch to sulfate free shampoos. At Freewill, we customize your shampoo based on your hair type. You fill up a small quiz & we solve your hair troubles without compromising on quality!

Fact #9 - Hair is Made of 14 Different Elements

A study of hair conducted by National Geographic Learning found that through a particularly interesting technique called Neutron activation analysis one can identify up to 14 different elements that make up a single two-centimeter long strand of hair. Elements such as antimony, argon, bromine, copper, manganese, sodium, zinc, silver & even GOLD can be identified and quantified through this process. Additionally, the probability of two candidates having the same concentration of nine different particles is about one in a million.

Fact #10 - Each Hair Strand Has its Own Blood Supply, Nerve & Muscle

Neuroscientists have found that each hair type has a different and specific set of nerve endings associated with it. This makes every hair a diverse mechanosensory organ. This is also the reason why we get goosebumps when we feel cold or scared, as each muscle for every hair contracts, causing the hair to rise.

Hair is an industry that has been running since forever & an average woman spends at least 2 hours a week styling her hair. It’s not just because appearances matter, it is because hair is personal & important for most of us as it is the part of our body that shapes our personality in a certain way. That is what makes hair so special! If you’ve ever had your knots in a tangle about a certain hair related query, write to us & we'll help you find a solution. We’re dedicated to helping you get hair that’s super healthy, voluminous & brings out that fabulous personality of yours that’s waiting to shine!