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Spray and Slay! Everything About Hair Sprays You Need To Know

Everything About Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are a common sight in bathroom shelves all over the world. There is a perfect/suitable product for every hair type with so many hair colors, textures, lengths, and densities. Keeping our hair healthy has become a task due to all the styling tools and setting sprays. Our strands are more prone to hair damage, resulting in dullness, dryness, frizz, breakage, thinning, and so much more.

As stated by the Redbook poll, 74 percent of women feel less confident when having a bad hair day.

Aside from the environmental factor, we put our hair through many changes frequently. If for a big party or a small gathering, we often style our hair in many different ways to make them look more appealing.

Styling your hair is probably one of the most critical steps to compliment your overall look. Achieving a perfect hairstyle is not as easy as it may seem in some of the youtube videos. It takes hours to do it and takes several hair sprays to add volume, tame all those baby hair, and make your hairstyle last longer. 

What are setting sprays?

Setting sprays are a top-rated product in the world of hairstyling and can be described as fine mist made of chemical compounds that come out from an aerosol can or a pump bottle.

Hair sprays are used to set and style our hair in numerous ways. It can be used on both wet or dry hair to help hold it in place for a particular look.

Alcohol, polymers, and hydrocarbons are some of the ingredients that are present in hair sprays. These ingredients' primary role is to add structural support to the hair, making them stick to one another without budging. These ingredients are believed to be fast-drying, so it is essential to work quickly with them. 

Did You Know:

Instead of using the heating tools to style your hair, you can use the hair spray bottle as a styling tool. Wrap the sprayed hair around the can to hold your waves and curls in place. 

What is the use of hair setting spray?

Tons of hair sprays are available in the market, but it is essential to figure out what will work for you. Hair sprays come in different forms and can be used for various reasons such as:  

1) To define curly hair

We often use tools like curling irons to create curls in our hair, and let's face it; it takes plenty of time and apparent effort to do your whole hair.

Still, most of the time, we tend to lose those curls in just a matter of hours. This is the moment where hairsprays can be very useful in holding your rings in place all day long or even until the next time you wash your hair.  

2) To finish off the look

There is a reason why people prefer hair sprays over hair creams, wax, gels, and mousses because hair sprays are more flexible to control due to its water-free and humidity resistant properties.

3) To style the hair

You can use the hair spray on both wet and dry hair while styling. You need to apply the hair spray as you work with your locks, bring it to the desired position, and hold it till it dries.

There you go! Most of the hair spray dries quickly, so remember to go smartly with it to avoid distorting your look. 

4) To tame frizzy hair

Hair sprays are also considered very useful in taming that unruly frizzy hair. You can put the rush in your hands and run it through your strands to get a cleaner look. 

5) To add more volume

People are born with different hair density and textures. Some are born with silkier hair with a thin thickness, whereas others have more volume and thick density.

Hair sprays can give you the look of voluminous, bouncy, and shiny hair. 

Types of hair sprays 

1) Everyday Basic Hair Spray 

Everyday essential Hairspray is regular hairsprays that hold your hair in place without any extra features. These types of hairsprays are usually used to tame baby hair and to control the frizziness.

2) Working Hair Spray 

These hair sprays usually have the least amount of hold and can be built up over time. Because working hair sprays take a longer time to dry, it is pretty flexible to work with as it allows maximum hair movement.

You can slowly work through different hairstyles by using these kinds of sprays and texturing your hair after applying the hair spray. 

3) Volumizing Hair Spray 

Along with regular hair spray benefits, volumizing hair sprays can give you a look and feel of thicker, bouncier, and fuller hair. This hair spray works by coating each strand of the hair, giving the extra body's illusion while locking volume. Volumizing hair spray can be applied to the roots to make your hair stand up, appearing to have more volume. 

4) Shaping Hair Spray

Shaping hairspray is often used during styling but does not confuse it with the finishing spray. This is a slow-drying hairspray, so hair can still be freely combed after spraying. The light formula of this Hairspray allows the hair to have a natural bounce. This spray tends to have more hold than working spray. 

5) Texture Hair Spray

Texture spray is somewhat similar to dry shampoo, but it won't soak up the natural oils from your scalp. This hair spray can be used all over your hair, unlike dry shampoo, mainly for the roots. With texturizing Hairspray, you don't have to deal with the pesky white residue that dry shampoo leaves on your hair but can still provide you with all the benefits of dry shampoo

6) Thermal Hair Spray 

If you often use blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and other heating tools to the style, you must add a protective layer to your hair.

Thermal Hairspray can provide extra moisture to the hair while maintaining the natural water from stripping away and should be applied before using any heating tools.  

7) Weightless Hair Spray 

People with super fine hair can go for weightless Hairspray as these are incredibly light and won't weigh your hair down at all. 

8) Freezing Hair Spray 

Among all the hair sprays, freezing hairsprays are one of the strongest hair stylings sprays as it makes your hair look like it's frozen solid, and it won't allow your hair to move at all for at least a few hours. 

9) Shine Hair Spray 

Shine hairspray is used to give a mega shine effect to your hair after finishing up the hairstyle.  

10) Finishing Hair Spray

Finishing hairspray is considered the last step of finishing up the hairstyle before walking out of the door. This spray is meant to hold your hair in place all day long without much movement; that being said, these hairsprays are usually pretty heavy.

Did You Know:

Aerosol hairsprays were first invented in 1948, and it became the highest-selling beauty product by 1964. 

How to use hair setting sprays? 

1) Keep your distance 

While using a hairspray, always remember to keep a safe distance between the Hairspray and your hair. For some people, it may be a good thing to spray your hair from the shortest distance possible or even directly on the roots, but that's just the opposite as if you try to use a hair spray from a close distance.

You might end up with too much product onto one small area, and it may saturate your hair, leaving you with a more greasy look. Hairsprays should be at a distance of at least 6-12 inches away from your head and always spray it in a continuous motion. 

2) Don't brush it 

Brushing or combing your hair after you're done spraying your hair with all the setting sprays is a bad idea. When you try to brush through your hair after putting on a stronghold spray, you could potentially cause a hell lot of damage to the hair.

Opt for a more flexible hold hairspray if you feel the need to brush your hair again and again. 

3) Use your hands

Flyaways can be annoying sometimes. The excellent news is hairsprays can help a lot to tame them. Instead of using the Hairspray directly on your hair, you can spray some of it in your hands and then lightly pat it on the flyaways you want to control.  

4) Choose carefully

There are endless variations of hairsprays that are available in the markets. It can be overwhelming to burden yourself with all that unnecessary information.

Here is a bit of advice if you're looking to keep your hair in a straight position, then opt for a low- hold spray. If you're looking to hold your bun up, then opt for a medium-hold spray. If it's your big day and you want to go crazy, make sure to opt for a more stronghold hair spray. 

5) Hair volume

One of the best tricks is to hold your head upside down and keep shaking your hair while spraying to achieve more voluminous hair. You can also take one section of your hair at a time, use your fingers to separate the segments, and spray it.  

H2 Side effects and risks of using hair setting sprays

  • Hairsprays can be tricky for the people with sensitive or itchy scalp due to the amount of alcohol in the product that can further dry the scalp and cause irritation. 
  • Excessive hairspray usage can be harmful as it can cause dryness and dullness to your hair over regular usage. Hair sprays should be used in moderation whenever necessary. 
  • Some people may develop allergies such as rashes, red eyes, itchiness, and sneezing, which can irritate the skin on your scalp, nose, throat, and eyes.
  • Regular hairspray usage can even result in breathing problems such as asthma and other side effects such as low blood pressure and lung diseases.  

Exclusive Tip: 

Even if you're using safer style tools, it is essential to wash your hair within regular intervals and apply conditioner to restore the lost moisture. Hairsprays are great for holding up your flawless hairstyle throughout the day but try to look for a hairspray with ingredients like vitamin E or panthenol, silicone, and sodium PCA to balance the moisture in your hair.