Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Shreya Singh (Pharmacist) on 19th Oct 2020

Just got keratin treatment done? Here's how you can maintain your hair post-keratin

maintain your hair post-keratin

The early morning battles with tangles and the struggle of trying to tame the frizz so that you step out of the house looking presentable can get annoying after a certain point.

And since the chic hairstyle of having straight pin hairs is on almost every woman's 'hair-lust' list, regular brushing and using a billion different leave-on serums don't always seem to do the trick.

Achieving glossy, smooth, and perfectly straightened tresses may start to appear likely only in dreams.  

Keratin and post-care go hand in hand! 

If you're continually struggling with tangled, lackluster, and frizzy hairs, it could be a telltale sign that your hairs severely need a keratin treatment. And while a keratin treatment can work wonders in giving you that super-sleek and shimmering mane of straightened hairs, you still have to know about the post-treatment care for your hair.

And not to burst your bubble, but keratin treatments don't last forever, and aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself. Therefore, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to look out for after you get your hair treated. And with proper care and maintenance, you can make your keratin treatment last longer, making every day a good hair day!

In this article, we will be spilling the best tips and tricks for maintaining your keratin-treated hair so that they can live up to their most authentic, silkiest potential. Just scroll down to find out.

That is why we've taken the opportunity to consult hair care experts to spill their best tips & tricks for keeping your locks super-soft. 

These are some of the best tips & tricks for helping your hair live up to its most authentic, silkiest potential. 

Say hello to keratin treatment! 

Keratin treatment is the ultimate solution for dry, dull, frizzy, and unmanageable hairs. It restores your hair strands' health by filling in the damaged gaps with- you guessed it right- keratin protein! 

But what exactly is keratin? 

Keratin is the entirely natural protein that is the building block of human hair and responsible for keeping it healthy and strong. This natural substance comprises almost 95% of your hair. This protein protects your follicles from humidity, which is the primary cause of frizz and helps strengthen your strands to prevent breakage, heat damage, and dullness. 

Now, you must be wondering why you require a keratin treatment when it's naturally present in your hair, right?

That is because, with time and other factors, the natural keratin in your hair wears out. Sunlight, pollution, harsh hair treatments, aging, chemical procedures, and harmful hair products are some of the significant factors that can take a toll on your hair and diminish the amount of keratin in them.

It is why you need to externally infuse your hair with the protein that it needs to restore and rebuild the damaged areas and provide strength and softness.

Getting a keratin treatment done can genuinely transform your tresses and make your daily frustration of taming unruly hair no longer an issue. 

Dos for Keratin-treated hair 

Below we are some top do's and don'ts you need to follow after getting your hair keratin-treated. 

Watch out for water: 

The first and foremost tip that your hairstylist will leave you with is that you must keep your hair from getting wet for at least 72 hours after a keratin treatment.

Cover your strands with a shower cap while bathing and avoid swimming or working out too much on those days to prevent it from getting wet by any means.

Remember that the keratin treatment needs to stay onto your hairs (intact) for at least 72 hours so that it can completely attach to your hair strands.

You may wonder why? Well, water can wash away the protein when it is pliable, which could leave unpleasant marks on your hair. Water contains a high amount of chlorine and salt that can damage the freshly induced keratin in your hair.

And we know that not being able to wash your hair for three days sounds awful, but not following this can impact your locks negatively.  

Special shampoo for fine hairs: 

One of the most vital steps of all is, choosing your shampoo and conditioner wisely and investing in a shampoo that knows how to care for keratin-treated hair.

Your keratin-treated hair will require a gentle shampoo with micro keratin that will gradually boost the treatment to ensure that your hair will have the keratin shine and look fresh for an extended period.

Refrain from using those regular cheap shampoos containing several harmful synthetic ingredients that may cause more harm than good to your hair. Some of the infamous elements that you need to avoid in your shampoos are: 

  • Sulfates 
  • Sodium chloride (salt) 

You may wonder why? 

Primarily because sulfates act as surfactants that can strip all the natural oils from your scalp and hair.

Salt, on the other side, works as a thickening agent in your shampoos and can melt away the keratin bonds from your hair strands too soon. 

Consider getting a dry shampoo: 

Since keratin treatment is not permanent, the key to maintaining your keratin treatment for longer is to wash your hair less.

Dry shampoo could be your BFF whenever you decide to drop the plan of washing your hair without making it feel gross and dirty. Equipping your hairs with dry shampoo is the best way to absorb all the dirt and oil from the roots and leave your strands feeling clean and refreshed without breaking the no-wet rule.

Moreover, a dry shampoo cleanses your hair without drying it out, contrary to the washing hair with conventional shampoo. 

Don'ts for Keratin-treated Hair 

Washing your hair after the treatment: 

Your hairstylist may also remind you not to wash your hair for a fixed duration after the keratin treatment.

Generally, you need to have a no-washing period for at least three consecutive days after the treatment. Immediate washing your hair post-treatment will prematurely wash away the keratin coating from your hair, which you don't want.

After the three-day no-wash period, wash your hair infrequently and only as much as you need to. In case you are one of the lucky ones who can go for days without washing your hair, do that.

Invest in a good shower cap to cover your hair while bathing to dry until your next shampoo sesh. 

Clarifying shampoo isn't for you: 

Clarifying shampoos can be very tempting to use, especially when they make your hair and scalp feel squeaky clean. But if you just had a keratin treatment done, it is a big no-no.

Clarifying shampoos are excellent for your pre keratin treatments as they prep your hairs by removing residues and deposits.

Also, they aid in the better absorption of keratin protein by your hair. But these should be used only before the treatment and not after. 


Because they will work to do the same job as before the treatment by providing deep cleansing to your hairs, this will strip off all the keratin from your hair, therefore fading your medicine too early. 

Say 'no' to hairstyles and lay off the hair accessories for a few days: 

Avoid using hair clips, doing ponytails, or any other extreme hairstyles using hair accessories. Putting accessories in your hair can leave dents and lines in your hair.

The key to prolonging the duration of your keratin treatment is to make sure to give your hairs time to blend with keratin by leaving your hair down and unstyled for as long as you can. 

Do not use heavy oils: 

You can apply oil in your hairs past the three days of no-wash-period to provide moisture into your scalp.

But avoid using heavy oils as they will make your hair greasy, and push yourself to wash them out with a large quantity of shampoo, which is a no-go for your keratin treated hairs. 

Pro tip:

We recommend using lightweight keratin infusion oil to enhance your keratin treatment's effects and make it last longer. 

The Takeaways: 

A keratin treatment could be your best bet if you want to cut down on the hassle of regular blow-drying and straightening your hair. It can make you instantly ready for hangouts and occasional meetups to flaunt your salon-gorgeous, glossy tresses that are indeed every girl's dream!

But as with any other beauty treatment, what you do after stepping out of the salon is vital in maintaining its effects for a prolonged duration.

Therefore, knowing the do's and don'ts for a post-keratin treatment is the key to prolonging its effects and maintaining your hairs in its best condition.

Spending your money on the right products will help keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.