Is Personalisation Changing The Face of the Beauty Industry? Insights!

Is Personalisation Changing The Face of the Beauty Industry? Insights!

People are no longer okay with being spoon-fed claims from big brands or impartial to where products come from. In today's world, most women don't want to be told they need makeup to look amazing or buy products that claim only a few kinds of beautiful. Welcome to the beauty industry, as conditioned by the millennials. The beauty industry is evolving & is moving fast with advances in technology, quality, formulation, individualization, digitization & is becoming more about solving problems & meeting specific needs.

What's interesting is that there is also a call for non-toxic, cruelty-free products with people being conscious about what they use & what they apply on their skin. No longer can brands make-up claims, pack products with cheap fillers or packaging, as the millennials will call them out. This has resulted in honesty & better quality when it comes to formulations. And we're ecstatic!

Over the past year, customizable beauty products have been injecting themselves into the market. Serums are being concocted once you answer certain questions about your skin, hair formulas are curated based on your hair type & skin-care products are being put together based on how you're skin is feeling at the time. With technology making it possible to achieve almost everything, the demand for customization is rising.

Research conducted by experts said that 61% of women are interested in personalized products & beauty experiences to be personalized. The same goes for hair care products. Everyone's hair & skin are very different. While there may be different types, but even within that lies variation, which is enough to cause a different reaction on peoples skin and hair. Hell, even dermatologists find customization to be taking over the beauty industry! Here are a few insights into why personalization is going to be different ball game altogether in the beauty & haircare industry:

  1. A Need To Be Up-To-Date: With personalization, one gets a chance to stay ahead of trends & experience a new avenue of beauty altogether. Personalization by itself is a trend. Being able to experience a product in a manner that goes beyond heading over to a store makes it one of the most impactful trends in the beauty industry. People generally want an experience that is rewarding or makes them feel satisfied with their purchase. With customization in the picture, people can not only try products that are catered or tailored for them but also enjoy a buying experience unlike any other. At Freewill, we do this with the help of a small yet simple quiz, that lets us understand exactly what you're looking for. Do check out our quiz if you’re interested in custom shampoos curated specifically for your hair type.

  1. Preference Driven: Sometimes when we're looking to buy a beauty product, we may be allergic to certain ingredients or might simply not want them to be part of a product because it may not be suitable for us. However, we may not have a choice to pick out our own ingredients or choose to tailor the products for our benefits. Personalization has solved this age-old problem in the beauty industry! Now one can pick & make their own custom foundation shades, custom made lipsticks, bath and body products & even haircare by choosing ingredients or mentioning the specific requirements! The desire to control is what makes this trend so successful. People want to feel like they have it under wraps & that's exactly what they are getting.

  1. Multiple Benefits: When the benefits increase, with the use of just one product, it makes for a feasible & rather smart option to go for. With customized beauty products, as one can choose the ingredients or requirements in their product to meet their skin type/ hair type etc. this, in turn, leads to greater benefits & more value. In most products, there is only a limited set of benefits one would get. Once, the factor of customization comes into the picture, this is reduced.

  1. Unique Product Offering: Through personalization, buyers get a unique product by itself & when they get what they want their satisfaction level goes up a notch higher. As the product itself is unique & designed as per the taste and preferences of the consumer, this increases brand loyalty amongst most people. The fact that the brand is willing to provide a product that caters to the needs of various users, enhances it's the brand image as well & gives it an edge against the usual products found in the market. We have constantly been forced to accept that, one product is supposed to be a fit for all. When in fact, that is not true. Everyone is different and is blessed with different features. Rather than emphasizing on the fact that, one size fits all. The beauty industry is slowly starting to do away with this concept, through the process of customization.

  1. Experiment Freely: Another great reason for the boom of custom products in the market is that it allows the buyer to experiment & be part of the buying decision. While most people don't really have a good understanding of the kind of products that may be suited for them, through customization, they can mix & match, try different formulations & pick the one that works best for them. This greatly enhances buyer satisfaction & value for money. The beauty industry is all about experimenting and finding the right concoctions within a maze of products. Through the process of customization, end users are allowed to find the perfect product whilst trying multiple options/ ingredients.

  1. Popularity: Another factor greatly influencing the rise of this trend in the beauty industry is simply the fact that it is becoming popular amongst many. Customization is now viewed as a luxury service that can be availed at a nominal price. The fact that a product gives one so many benefits, is affordable & gives one a choice to make it suit themselves makes it utterly desirable. Additionally, this trend is being talked about by various beauty gurus & junkies, due to which it has risen up the ranks amongst the various other trends prevailing in the industry.

  1. Packaging: While the product matters, the look and feel of it do too. While most customized beauty brands choose to skip this step & customize product packaging according to the customer, Freewill has chosen otherwise. Our products come packaged with your name written on it, to make you feel like it's made & meant for you. And we don't mind going the extra mile!

  1. Greater Quality: While this an arguable factor, most custom products are made of quality ingredients and are of a higher caliber. As custom products are made using ingredients/formulations chosen by the customer, there is greater scrutiny by both the governing body & the customer. As a promise is being made to deliver, brands that have chosen this route have to be at their best & strive to create products that work well for every customer. While it is a challenge trying to satisfy the needs of various customers, it also builds trust & loyalty amongst them. At Freewill, we believe you should have access to natural, high impact ingredients because why should you & your hair compromise?

According to a study conducted recently, 59% of buyers find the products they want more easily in personalized online stores. In addition, 53% say that online stores with product customization offer better value which indicates a positive growth of personalized products in the future. Personalization is especially crucial in the beauty space where every product is personal and designed to look different on everyone. The reason being that no two skin type, hair type, body type, etc are the same. Involvement of the end user can also create strong bonds. Like the DIY movement that a lot of beauty bloggers are doing themselves. People want to be involved from start to finish and get a product that they like. That's what it's come down to. Innovation, Quality, Trust & Involvement. The four factors influencing the custom beauty trend.

In recent times, customers have been showing their frustration for not being properly represented or not being able to find products specific to their skin or hair care needs. The beauty-conscious consumer doesn't want to be labeled or follow the concept of 'one size fits all' therefore this is an inherent call for brands to start changing their perception. As a result of which brands are finally catching up and doing their bit.

Over the past five years, the beauty industry has seen a  dramatic rise in interest for customized products. The trend of customization reflects how in the digital age at the touch of a button one can access almost anything. Additionally, making this experience meaningful comes down to providing customers the satisfaction that they've created something unique & valuable. As they say, what would make a person feel happier than a custom experience? It's as gold as finding your true love.