Hair Talk: Discover Five Hair Oils You Didn't Know Could Work Wonders

Hair Talk: Discover Five Hair Oils You Didn't Know Could Work Wonders

Whether you're up to a hair detox or looking to experiment with new hair care products, what most don't know is that sometimes, the solution lies within nature. The best part is that it is chemical free and promotes faster and healthier hair growth. Yes, We're talking about natural oils, in that matter. With multiple people, adopting healthier lifestyles, slowly this trend is catching on with the beauty & hair care industry as well. The green beauty trend is becoming popular and growing rapidly & people are becoming conscious as to what they put on their face or hair.

A recent Harris Poll survey also revealed that 53 percent of women over the age of 18 use all-natural hair care products. Thus proving, that green is the way to go. With the beauty market being diverse, this decision also becomes a little confusing when we have innumerable products to choose from.

As we're aware that natural is the way to go, the first thing one could do when in the process of switching up their haircare routine is start with natural oils. This could mean either applying these oils directly on to the scalp to start with or look for products that have a mild concentration of natural oils in them, depending on what your dermatologist suggests & your hair type.  Natural oils are distilled from the plant itself.

They also have the signature scent of the plant it came from and they're also highly concentrated. For instance, it takes 220 pounds of lavender flowers to make a single pound of lavender oil. If you're struggling to find the perfect oil concentrate or pick products that have a minute oil concentrate. Here's a quick and helpful guide to five of our favorite natural oils that will leave you blessed with awesome hair:

Passionfruit Oil

Maracuja oil also referred to as passion fruit oil is a type of oil sourced and extracted from the seeds of the passion fruit. While this oil does sound a bit exotic, what's surprising is the several unique benefits one can derive from it. It contains vitamin C that is known to boost collagen production other anti-aging properties.

  • Who Should Use It: People suffering from a dry & dead scalp, dandruff or lack of luster.
  • How It Can Benefit Them: This oil reportedly soothes dry scalp problems by moisturizing the scalp, reducing itchiness and enhancing shine and luster of hair. In addition, it also has antibacterial properties that help in combating the itchy scalp syndrome thus reducing dandruff. At Freewill, we source maracuja oil all the way from Kenya because we believe that you deserve only the best ingredients!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used for centuries but has only recently started being popular as skin & hair care product. This oil is a beauty staple in most vanity cases and is also now largely used in hair care routines. This oil is particularly great for hair as it doesn't cause damage or dryness & helps maintain a healthy scalp. It can be used alone (based on recommendations from your dermatologist) or can be found in concentrated shampoos like ours i.e Freewill to gently cleanse and moisturize hair.

  • Who Should Use It: People suffering from hair loss & dandruff.
  • How It Can Benefit Them - Tea tree oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourishment of roots. It makes one's hair soft, smooth & add a protective layer that will be resistant to bacteria and promote hair growth. It also moisturizes and nourishes hair while clearing the blockages in the pores and preventing dryness. Bonus, this oil also fights against fungi that cause dandruff and does this without drying out your scalp. In a study conducted by NCBI, there was a 41% improvement in the severity of dandruff as well as in the symptoms of itchiness and grease.

Babassu Oil

For most, an unfamiliar ingredient, for some a wonder oil. Babassu oil is a multipurpose oil that one can use not only on skin & hair but also in the kitchen! This is derived from babassu seeds found in cohune palms of the Brazilian rainforest. Additionally, getting your hands on high-quality babassu oil is difficult. An oil used for myriad purposes, it helps in conditioning & adding that extra layer of softness that is needed when your hair is brittle and dry.

  • Who Should Use It: People suffering from dry hair & split ends.
  • How It Can Benefit Them: When applied to the hair, it can help undo any difficult tangles or damage your hair has endured. This oil is known to cure split ends as it seeps into your hair and fills it with the moisture it was missing. To restore the lost elasticity in your hair, all you need is a few drops of this oil in your hair care routine & it will do the magic. Used in skin and hair as an emollient, it deeply moisturizes, reduces aging and increases elasticity. Go from dry and brittle to voluminous and glossy! All you need is a little Babassu & we at Freewill have got you covered!

Argan Oil

If you haven't already heard beauty gurus raving about this all-natural alternative, you have been living under a rock! For generations, natives of the argan woodlands of Morocco have derived argan oil from a nut to use it for wound treatment and to nourish skin and hair. We at Freewill, have also been sourcing this rare oil from Morocco. An interesting fact is that when judged by how much this oil clogs pores, it rates at zero as it does not clog pores. This is one reason why it has become increasingly popular.

  • Who Should Use It: People suffering from frizzy hair or hair loss.
  • How It Can Benefit Them: Some studies indicate that the fatty acids in argan oil may support healthy hydrated skin & reduce hair damage. Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for hair & it is found in argan oil, in high quantities. This promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair. It has even been used for hair regrowth. It also acts as a moisturizer and can be used to treat split ends.

Lemongrass Oil

Another lesser-known essential oil that is known to have healing properties i.e Lemongrass oil is a type of oil derived from lemongrass leaves. The compounds that makeup lemongrass oil are known to have antifungal, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is known to strengthen hair follicles if one is struggling with hair loss or an itchy scalp. The reason being the fact that lemongrass is a rich source of iron, the deficiency of which would cause hair loss, making it the perfect remedy for hair fall.

  • Who Should Use It: People suffering from an itchy & irritated scalp.
  • How It Can Benefit Them: The soothing and bacteria-killing properties will leave your hair shiny, fresh and odor-free. It creates a conducive environment on the scalp for healthy hair growth. If suffering from lice, this oil can help eliminate it as well. In addition, it also helps soothe headaches when massaged onto the scalp.

In order to see a noticeable difference in your hair, one needs to consider adding oils into their hair routine. Scalp nourishment is essential for healthy hair follicles and to promote good hair growth. Therefore, we urge you to take your hair game seriously & start looking at products that are natural and will not harm your hair. If you're stuck in a rut and can't figure what works. Take our short but insightful quiz to understand your hair type while we create the perfect shampoo for your needs. Because for us, all hair matters!

At Freewill, we source our ingredients from around the world to provide quality hair care & to support you in your hair care journey. All our shampoos are curated based on your hair type & come with a mix of proteins, plant oils, fruit extracts and some of them include the ones mentioned above. And what's even better, is that we're SLS and paraben free!

It only takes small steps to get that envious shine or volume that you've been craving. You are not powerless. There are things you can do. In fact, the best advice we've gotten lately from hair experts is as simple as - "Treat your hair like you would treat your skin." Hence we suggest keeping your scalp healthy and clean and using products with health-boosting ingredients that have multiple benefits. Regular hair care is a process. Decide to do it and it will boost your confidence to another tangent.

Your hair defines your personality, aura and the way people perceive you. And while hair care can get tedious, it need not be messy. It should be a journey filled with fun experiments and failures because only then we find what we're looking for.