Hair Myths Revealed: How Long Does It ‘Actually’ Take to Get Healthy Looking Locks!

How long does it take to get healthy looking hair

Hair is a reflection of our identity because it is not only personal, but public. It is what shapes our personalities in numerous ways that one could imagine. Hair loss and damage can have many possible causes, some may include, genetics, inadequate nutrition or other health conditions. However, while the physical damage is very much noticeable. No one really talks about the psychological impacts of losing hair.

Hair loss can be devastating to both men and women, as almost every society in the world, associates beautiful hair as a sign of youth and good health. The pressure to look their best, can get to anyone. In fact, according to several studies, it has been conferred that women feel their best, when their hair is in tip-top shape, in contrary to if they were having a hair disaster. These results allow us to believe that hair matters. Whether it may be to meet societal standards or just to keep your self-esteem intact, it is important. As it affects how we feel about ourselves, and how we are portrayed in our personal and professional life.

Another survey of 1024 women concluded that 68% women stated that a bad hair day affected their confidence and their work performance. Thus it’s safe to assume, that hair is truly a very essential part of our lives.

In the digital age, the internet has given us access to an endless volume of information, giving us the freedom to follow instructions we find on YouTube, impeccably. Although, statistics say, not everything you find on the internet is going to work for you. Making it essential to practice caution!

So what’s the science behind hair growth and how are you going to achieve that? We’ve debunked some interesting facts that will aid you in the process of getting the hair you’ve always wanted.

Myth 1 – Hair Will Grow Back Overnight. Answer– False

There’s so much more to hair growth than just using over-the-counter products to grow them back. The hair growth process occurs in a cycle, where your hair follicles undergo four different stages of lifecycle where they grow, regress, rest and shed over a course of several years. The four different stages of hair growth are as below –

  1. The growth stage – During this period your hair grows slowly and naturally. This phase is usually known to last 3-5 years. As your hair is growing continuously, the duration of this stage, will determine the maximum length of your hair.
  2. The regression stage – Your hair follicles start shrinking and detach from the scalp. Although during this process, hair starts detaching from your skin, it usually doesn’t fall out until much later. This is during the time when new hair starts pushing out from the scalp.
  3. The resting stage – New hair starts making its way on and begins to grow under the older and detached hair. This period would usually last 3-5 months. Sometimes people generally experience temporary hair shedding, due to other conditions such as stress, medical issues etc.
  4. The shedding stage – Older hair tends to fall out and new and healthy hair replaces it. During this period, the old hair will detach. This happens especially when you comb your hair or take a shower. It is extremely normal to lose 50-150 strands during this phase. There is no need to panic.


Myth 2 - Hair Products Can Prevent/Eliminate Hair fall for Good. Answer - False

 The faster you understand the hair growth process. The better. It will aid you in taking the necessary steps to save your hair. These common questions have often been asked – “Why is my hair falling, even after using several hair care products?”. The answer to this is really simple. Hair growth takes time and patience. While hair products can help and aid you in your process of reducing hair fall, no over-the-counter product can completely eliminate it.

Freewill experts have deduced that if hair is extremely damaged and brittle. Getting your hair back to its initial state, will take some time. While Freewill products include highly potent proteins sourced from various parts of the world, that are meant to give you luscious looking hair, it is important to understand that, during the hair shedding process, hair loss is bound. Especially, if your hair has been through a lot.

The good news is that, once your hair sheds, and new hair starts to grow in its place, the protein ­­rich shampoo that you’d previously enriched your hair with, will fight back all the causes of hair damage. It will work towards giving you healthy scalp and hair. Choose the mild and chemical free product that suits you or try customised hair care kit by us.

For the most part, it’s best not to approach hair loss as a choice, and take certain steps or measures to limit your hair loss to the best possible extent.

Myth 3 - Growing Back Hair Can Get Impossible. Answer - False

There are so many ways to grow back your hair. The most essential and effective one, is to figure out the root cause of your hair problem and then take precautionary steps or measures to control it. We have listed some of the most common causes of hair fall and the steps you can take to get back your hair to its original state.

Stress-induced Hair fall

Stress is a common factor for many when it comes to hair fall. If hair loss is caused by stress, the best way to get rid of it, would be to address the issues and remove the source of it. So how does stress really affect hair growth? When a person is under chronic stress, the body produces hormones such as cortisol and noradrenaline that tend to enter the resting phase of hair and prevent new hair from growing. Your hair may be lost during the shedding process, but will not grow back. While this is the worst case situation, you may find that once you have address the factors causing stress, your hair cycle will return to normal. When facing severe stress, some of the simplest ways to control it involve speaking to a counselor, practicing meditation techniques or taking an exercise class to kick stress to the curb.

Diet-induced Hair fall

If hair loss is caused by a nutritional deficiency, it is high time you start making changes to your food and supplementation regimen. When struggling to figure out the right kind of diet for your hair, talk to a diet consultant or eat foods that contain high protein & probiotics. And don’t forget to hydrate! Drinking around 6-8 glasses of water is a must. It will help transport essential nutrients around your body and your hair. This is known to work wonders for most.

Lifestyle-Induced Hair fall

Sometimes hair fall can also occur because of the way we treat our hair. It could be the smallest of things causing our hair to break and become damaged. Few switches we could all make to our lifestyle include – Showering with cold or lukewarm water, combing your mane with a wide-toothed comb, avoiding putting up your hair in tight pony tails, deep conditioning, using natural and sulfate free products for hair. This list can go on and on. Sometimes, the problem may lie right under our noses and we may fail to see it. It is important to identify these unhealthy habits, which are usually the root cause of our hair fall.

Hair fall caused by external factors

Certain environmental factors can also lead to hair fall. This is usually a problem when one lives in the city, but the fact is that these risks can affect you wherever you may be. Pollution caused by outdoor vehicles affect protein formation in the hair structure which may lead to weaker and easily damaged hair. What’s more? If you thought smoking could only affect the individual partaking in it. Guess what? You’re wrong. It can damage your hair as well. If your partner is a smoker, the smoke fumes that come from cigarettes can damage your hair follicles. Dust is a different ball game altogether. It can lead to scalp infections or inflammation. The good part is that these factors can be curbed and your hair can be treated with products that are rich in proteins, meant for hair regeneration.

While healthy hair is a journey, we hope you aren’t discouraged! It is important to care for your hair and while it takes time, you will certainly achieve your goals. You can also read our simple yet effective 5 step guide to reduce hair fall. The process of hair revival is different for everyone. So stop comparing, and start working towards making it work for you. Treat your hair the way you would treat your skin. Pamper it, let yourself have a natural hair day and just have fun! After all it is an essential part of you.