Facts Checked By Freewill Beauty Experts - Written by Gopika Suresh (Journalist) on 31st Oct 2020

Expert Hair Care Tips For Men By Freewill

Expert Hair Care Tips

One must not discriminate between hair care for women and men. Whatever the gender, if you are willing to put in the effort, anybody can achieve healthy hair, luscious hair. There is no real difference between the hair of men and that of women. The differences come up in the way both these sexes manage their tresses. While females usually put in a lot of work into its maintenance, men prefer a minimalist approach to hair care.

The list below includes everything from how you can avoid a dry scalp to other hair concerns. To begin with a hair care routine, you could follow these essential tips and, most importantly, stick to them. 

A clean scalp is a healthy scalp.  

Dr. Matthew Lopresti, chief surgeon of Leonard, Says

Hair Transplant Associates, maintaining a clean scalp is crucial as it indicates a healthy one. If the scalp is not cleaned regularly, it causes an imbalance in the microbiome balance. Bacteria population may increase, leading to inflammation and other adverse effects on the follicles. However, remember not to wash it excessively as this can strip off the essential, natural oils from your scalp. It would be best if you decide according to your hair type and how many times you should wash it in a week.  

Invest in the right products 

Whether it's shampoo or hair wax, you must use products that go well for your hair. It is essential to know your hair type - curly, wavy, straight, thin, or dry and accordingly find the products for yourself.  

Start somewhere

It is a misconception that taking care of your hair requires time. According to Robert Jan-Rietveld, barber and co-owner of Schorem Barbier, if you have a particular concern with your hair, such as greying or brittle hair, you must look into it. You may be surprised to find a straightforward solution for those who won't need you to spend so much time.  

Stay consistent 

It is vital to stay groomed consistently as men's hair grows all around the head to the ears. According to Elle Medico, an expert in men's grooming and stylist with Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa, grooming oneself is essential.  

For black hair 

Black hair comes in various forms, including wavy, kinky, straight, or coiled. However, whatever the hair type, it is essential to keep it nourished. Make use of leave-in and rinse out conditioners to keep your strands nourished. Moreover, limit your shampoo usage to once or twice a week, especially if your hair is of a curlier, tighter pattern.

If you are fond of short hair, you could cut it every three weeks. It will allow you to maintain a well-groomed and stylish look. However, if you have long black hair, you must invest in products made specifically for that. Look for ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter, as these will make your hair feel and look great with all that shine.  

For long hair

You'd be surprised to know that long, flowing hair is easier to manage. You won't need a haircut often, and getting a trim every twelve weeks should be enough. It will help get rid of split ends and allow your hair to grow longer. But, according to Medico, instead of getting a cut, get your hair "shaped." In this way, the hairdresser would only take off any overgrown areas.

When you style long hair, stay away from products that have a firm hold. Keep your hair bouncy and loose by using soft hold tools and products. Medico recommends using a soft gel as it gives the hair more flexibility. Moreover, try and stay away from heated tools like the blow dryer, straightener, and curlers whenever you can. Heat is damaging to the hair, so opt for air dying it whenever you can.  

For grey hair

Nobody likes greys, but you can't get rid of them as it's a natural part of aging. A study said that most individuals start to develop grey hair before they turn 50.

It happens due to the lowering production of melanin, the same pigment found in your skin and eye. When melanin is lost from the hair, it can also cause it to get brittle and dry. You can treat this by nourishing your hair consistently with leave-in and conditioning treatments.

According to Medico, if you wish to dye your hair, use a color that blends with the greys. Choose a color that keeps 50 percent of the grey color and 50 percent of the natural hair color you were born with. It will give you a natural look and can even take off a few years instantly. To maintain the color for more extended periods, use the excellent quality color-safe shampoo, and have a routine appointment with your stylist every four weeks. You could dye your hair at home too.  

For curly hair  

Undoubtedly, curly hair is a challenge as you may have to deal with breakage, volume, and dryness. Frizz is also a common concern because of your hair or humidity's natural texture. According to Medico, it is essential to choose products that enhance your texture first to prevent frizz as it is always the goal to work for your hair and not against it. Use a conditioner on the tips of your curls to hydrate them. Sometimes they can get dry as the natural oils don't reach till there.

Tips for moisturizing hair 

Determine how much hydration your hair needs by looking at the type. The first & foremost thing you must do if you have dry hair is to use a conditioner, says Jan-Rietveld. Shampooing strips natural oils on your scalp, which can cause breakage. If your hair is very fine, you must use a leave-in spray conditioner. If you have a regular texture, you can go for a regular conditioner. For those with thicker hair textures, use a deep conditioning mask once in a while. Some may opt for supplements and other dietary inclusions that provide hydration.  

For a dry scalp  

Your scalp could be dry due to many issues. From the water you use to wash your hair to eczema, the reasons could be plenty. Regardless of it, dry scalp can be controlled by using the right products. Look for ones that have tea tree oil as it is antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic. Use it every day until the dryness completely goes away. After this, use it once a week and go back to your usual shampoo, says Medico. 

For oily hair  

No one likes greasy hair. Oily hair is caused when your scalp produces an excess of sebum or oil. It can be due to several factors, such as hygiene, exercise, or overwashing. Consider purchasing a shampoo that contains menthol as it may be at the oiliness. Menthol dries out the scalp, so it should work in a week, says Medico.  

For hair loss  

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness affects more than half of men over the age of 50. It can hit a man's self-esteem hard, so several treatment options are available.

One solution is to get a hair transplant. However, there are other nonsurgical approaches. These are proven treatments that slow down balding, according to Dr. Lopresti. The first option he recommends is Rogaine Foam, approved by the FDA and is simple to use. It is essential to stick to the routine every day, twice a day, to notice results.

You could use Propecia, which stops hair loss and improves hair growth around the crown area. It blocks the production/formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which allows hair follicles to grow more vigorously.

The last treatment is the CapillusRx laser cap, although it's available at a physician's table. Along with this, one could consider daily scalp massages, quitting smoking if you do, and consuming a healthy diet.  

When to see a professional  

If you notice the following, you must consult a doctor.  

According to Dr. Lopresti, it is customary to lose about 100 strands a day. Any more than that, you must approach an expert if you decide on getting surgical treatment, research and investigate all your options. 

The Takeaway 

You can begin taking care of your hair on any day. Just understand the basics like your hair type and put a simple routine into place. Most importantly, remember to stick by the way. If you face more severe hair concerns, consult a professional.