Clean Beauty: Why Clean Is Key!

Clean Beauty: Why Clean Is Key!

While most people talk about clean eating & reducing their exposure towards junk & unhealthy calories, off lately, a rather unusual term is being thrown around when it comes to beauty routines i.e. Clean Beauty! While what we put on our skin is important, we also know beauty starts from within. The way we navigate stress, environmental factors & how we interact with the world plays a huge role too. We decided to get down to the bottom of it & tell you what we think about this trending beauty fad:

What does clean beauty actually mean?

While there may not be an actual definition, most dermatologists would agree that “clean beauty” means using non-toxic ingredients in a skin/hair care product. This approach is generated with a strong focus towards using natural ingredients such as plant extracts, natural oils, safe lab made ingredients etc.

What’s not expected?

Harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates & synthetic fragrances!

What’s in the label?

Naturally derived eco-friendly actives, vegan & green ingredients such as fruit extracts, natural oils & botanic proteins.

Why should you switch to ‘clean beauty’?

While you may be doing all the right things for your health, can you say the same for a healthy beauty routine? Quality clean beauty is science. A combination of morality, nature, and science for a healthy product. While it can get difficult to switch from conventional brands or products we’ve been using for years, it is important to choose ingredients that are toxic-free & have better long term effects for your health.

What are the few things you should keep in mind when switching to clean beauty?

Mini steps are a huge win and this process can take some time. If you’re starting from scratch, here are a few pointers to aid you while making the transition:

  1. Everything Is A Process

With any new formula, your body is bound to react & change. Stick with the changes for a period of time, to gauge the end results as it may prove to be a worthy stint!

  1. You, Will, Look Healthier

Due to the lack of harsh ingredients inside clean beauty products, you can expect to feel healthier & look radiant.

  1. Try A Lot More Before You Settle

Not every product is going to work for you. The key is to dig deep & experiment with an open mind. Don't change your expectations if the first product you tried didn’t work for you. This transition is a huge step in the right direction.

The best way to start your clean beauty routine is to inject natural ingredients the easiest way you know i.e through the mouth. Eating healthy can have multiple benefits & can aid you in this journey tremendously.

A common misconception most people have is that clean beauty is only meant for skin. We beg to differ! Going green when it comes to natural hair care isn't just a trend for us! We believe that what you put on your skin and hair actually matters! That is why when you say you’re looking for natural products, we take that request seriously!

Most beauty companies ask you to pick between three options i.e dry, normal, oily which is irrational! At Freewill, we truly believe your hair is unique & that’s why we’re striving to create a universe with happy hair!

Our products have been crafted with a focus towards using natural ingredients such as apricot fruit oil, argan oil, tea tree, fruit extracts, lemongrass oil, chia seeds etc that are meant to give you great results without damaging your hair!

Why is clean beauty a trend?

The demand for healthier ingredients has taken over & the interest for cosmetic and body care products claiming to be clean and natural has grown in the past year or so. A report from Grand View Research predicts that the global organic personal care industry will reach 25 billion by 2025. Another report by CB Insights suggested that the top ingredients women aim to avoid in the coming years are fragrances, parabens, sulfates and glutens with about 75% of women within the ages 18 - 34 stating that natural beauty products are important.

As the line between nature and beauty products thins, we expect that this trend is here to stay in the coming years! The organic beauty movement will lend itself to more cross over between cosmetics and nature as consumers seek to consume more nutrient-rich products!