Are you facing hair fall? 5 most practical tips to reduce your hair fall

Are you facing hair fall? 5 most practical tips to reduce your hair fall

Imagine combing through your hair and noticing strands of hair tangled around it? That could surely send anyone into panic mode! The broken bits when you run your hands through it, the endless tangles in your comb and the strands that end up your pillow. The dread of going through all of this, could be enough to make you worry about losing your hair entirely. But the underlying question remains. How much is normal?

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, human beings lose around 50 – 100 strands per day. It is scientifically proven that women, tend to lose more hair strands in comparison to men. While it is difficult to measure the difference, objectively, various studies suggest that approximately 40% of women lose extra hair every day because of the way they style it. Women are also more likely to experience hair shedding due certain events in life such as pregnancy and menopause.               

Hair fall, can leave you crippling. But this doesn’t have to be the only way. Tackling your hair concerns can be a tedious process, but it is also essential to remember that the journey to having good hair is not an overnight process. Everything takes time. There is a common misconception that using over the counter products can immediately resolve your hair problems. Fact is, that it can help you in the process, but not vanish all your problems. It is also important to remember that when hair is extremely damaged, even the best products may not work or do justice to it. Investing in the right products, taking the time to carefully tackle your hair concerns with certain practical tips and using the right tools can help in new hair growth. Reduced hair fall and the impact of your measures can take months to show. It is advisable to remain patient and continue working towards your efforts to obtaining good hair.

We’ve gotten down to the nitty gritty and decoded the science behind getting those precious and luscious locks.

What Leads to Hair Fall?

While people typically lose about 100 hairs a day, this usually doesn’t affect thinning of scalp hair. There are various factors that contribute to hair loss:

Lifestyle Factors

Diet & Lack of Supplements

Sometimes, hair fall can also be linked to lack of certain vitamins and supplements. Making certain dietary changes or using natural products that contain these supplements may help solve the problem. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, if there is a protein deficiency in one’s body, the body may continue to use up the protein that remains and shut down hair growth.


Medications are designed to treat a variety of different health conditions, but sometimes they can have unwanted effects. Over-the-counter drugs can contribute towards excessive hair fall and contribute to changes in hair color and texture. Drugs usually because hair fall by interfering with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth.


Any kind of mental trauma or stress is known to cause hair fall. Prolonged stress over a period of time is known to push the hair follicles into a ‘still’ phase, so that the scalp doesn’t produce new hair strands. Hair loss caused due to stress doesn’t necessarily have to occur forever. Once stress levels are back to normal, people generally tend to see renewed hair growth.

Hair styling and treatment

While a sleek pony tail or a tightly pulled up-do can look amazing. Hair that is pulled back into a tight pony tail, can sometimes cause breakage, due to the tugging action caused in this process. The truth is there’s actually a medical term for this type of hair loss – It’s called traction alopecia. Another common cause of damaged hair cuticles, is the repeating smoothing procedures that most women opt for. While it can make your hair look amazing for the first few months, eventually, you may find yourself less than satisfied as your hair may start to thin out and fall. Apart from this, the excessive use of curling irons or straighteners and harsh hair care products that include ingredients such as sulfates, formaldehydes and parabens are directly proportional to hair loss.

Hair fall caused due to lifestyle factors can be cured by taking precautionary measures such as ensuring a balanced diet to give your hair the right kind of nutrition, proper exercise and meditation to curb stress and avoiding excessive use of hair styling appliances. These changes in one’s lifestyle can prove to be very beneficial in the hair regaining process. It is key to note that if one’s lifestyle is the major reason behind their hair loss, even the best of products may not help them in their quest to get better hair. This makes it key for them to take the steps mentioned above to achieve the results they are looking for.

External Factors


According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a hair loss tendency on both sides of the family can be suggestive of a person’s predisposition to hair loss, accounting to 80% of the condition. Genetics are complex and cannot be completely understood, but there is research that certainly points to that fact, genetics could be a probable cause of hair fall.

Pollutants and Exposure to the sun

Certain environmental factors such as pollution, and exposure to the sun can be a great cause of hair fall. The risk here is the constant exposure to car fumes which affect the protein formation i.e. keratins in the hair. This can also cause hair that is weak to fall out. Hair fall caused by natural occurrences is an unavoidable cause, but can be reduced.

Dealing with external factors causing hair fall can be a bit demotivating due to the lack of control that one has. But this particular problem can be solved to a large extent by using natural and mild hair care products that are suited for one’s hair. For instance, Freewill shampoos include high quality proteins sourced from across the world that are needed for hair growth and regeneration. Post use, our products develop a layer of protein around the hair follicles that help prevent further hair damage and foster hair growth.

5 most practical hair care tips by Freewill hair experts

The most important and first step towards reducing hair fall is to choose a mild shampoo. The harsher the ingredients, the more difficult to get your hair back to its original state. Look for clean beauty products that include natural oils and actives. Freewill shampoos include a high dose of highly potent proteins that can greatly benefit and strengthen your hair. Everyone is unique and everyone has a different hair type. This is why, certain anti hair fall products may not work for certain people. Best way is to customise your hair care solution as per your needs and hair type.

However, an essential point to remember is that anti-hair fall products can only be the most effective on new hair. When hair is already brittle and damaged, it makes more sense, to take necessary steps to nurse it to health. Using an abundance of products that contain the best of ingredients may not give you the results that you need. Therefore, we cannot stress enough on following a proper hair care routine to get back those luscious locks. Once, the hair has repaired itself and the process of new hair growth begins, you will start to see wonders. Bear in mind that it usually takes about 6 months to 1 year to see results.

While we help you solve your hair woes with our products, our experts have certainly figured out the antidote to having hair that is gorgeous and healthy. Here are some simple, yet super effective ways you can follow to get naturally healthy hair:

Hair Hack #1 – Comb, like you mean it!

How to brush hair to reduce hair fall

Incorrect brushing and using the wrong type of comb can prove to be very costly on both your strands and your scalp. We recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush for your hair. Investing into wooden combs can also be a good idea especially if you face frizz as well. Avoid using metal combs, thin tooth plastic comb and natural ones that tend to cut your hair shaft and weaken your hair. They are likely to scratch and irritate your scalp. To reduce hair breakage after wash, comb only after your hair is completely dry. When you groom your hair, make sure to be kind and avoid going overboard. Brush your hair gently, from the bottom, and make your way upwards, to ease out the tangles. Always make sure to work out the tangles starting from your ends. Another way to ensure that hair doesn’t get tangled, would be to invest in a hair serum for your hair type. 

Hair Hack #2 – Always comb your hair before wash!

Hair brush to reduce hair fall

It is clinically proven that hair is weakest when wet so if you wash your tangled hair, it will cause more hair fall during wash. We recommend to de-tangle your hair before shampooing to reduce breakage. You can use any good comb as suggested above and brush your hair well before bath.

Hair Hack #3 – Condition The Right Way!

Right way to apply hair conditioner to reduce hair fall

Conditioners are known to work wonders on hair. It works by sealing your hair cuticles to prevent heat damage and block external elements such as pollution. Conditioner is especially good at repairing dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Whilst all conditioners serve the same purpose, it is important to choose on that is tailored to your hair type and concern such as Freewill conditioners. Every ingredient in our products have been handpicked by experts to match your hair concerns. While using conditioner may solve some of your hair loss problems, it’s important to use it the right way. An important tip to keep in mind while using conditioner is to avoid using conditioner near the scalp or on it. It is also very important to make sure to rinse off all the conditioner as any left overs may weaken the hair follicles.

Hair Hack #4 – Hot or cold water?

Hot or cold water to reduce hair fall

Water temperature is probably not the first thing you would think about when it comes to hair care. While blasting the hot water in the shower, may feel amazing, it could be hazardous for your hair. Hot water opens up the pores and cuticles of your hair shaft. That being said, rinsing too often with hot water can leave the hair overly porous causing it to be dry and brittle. Hot water also tends to strip the hair of its natural oils. Our experts recommend washing you’re with cold or lukewarm water. In case your hair is oily, start by washing your hair with lukewarm water to get rid of the oil and then rinse with cold water.

Hair Hack #5 – Get Those Proteins!

Protein is one of the building blocks for cell production in your body. It is also an important element responsible for the proper functioning of the body and essential for producing cells that promote healthy hair. Hair is made up of 95% Keratin. The daily recommended protein intake for an individual is 1-1.5 grams of protein per kg, depending on the person’s weight, age and sex. However, we sometimes tend to miss out on maintaining a diet that is essential for ensuring proper hair growth. The good news is that we have solved that problem for you! We have added highly potent proteins in our products such as Keratin, Wheat or Vegetable extracts to strengthen your hair. These natural extracts added into our products, will smoothen and strengthen your damaged hair cuticles and give you the healthy, shiny hair that you deserve!

So there you have it. Quit worrying (remember you might be experiencing hair fall due to this in the first place!) and get that hair fall in check with these simple yet effective ways to beat hair loss. It is important to give your hair the right hair care every day. Only then will you see results! Hair care is a journey that is personal and different for everyone. Making use of the right kind of products, tools and measures is imperative to get ahead of the game.